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Cartridge, In-Line and Fluid Filters

Find industrial coating filters and adhesive dispensing filters to reduce manufacturing contamination

Improve the efficiency of your fluid dispensing applications with filters from Nordson. Our industry expertise has inspired innovative coating and dispensing filter design. Nordson’s in-line filters help trap char and contaminants in adhesive dispensing systems while our coating cartridge filters are designed to reduce waste and can help you cut costs. We also offer a range of screen sizes for our High-Pressure Fluid Filters to prevent clogging and reduce downtime. Contact us to discuss further ways our dispensing filters can help you streamline your manufacturing processes.  

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A New Way to Handle Changing Fluid Viscosity and the “Full-to-empty” Effect” - White Paper

Nordson EFD

This paper explains how the Ultimus V High Precision Dispenser and Optimeter maintain consistent shot size in time-pressure dispensing processes as the fluid viscosity and volume of fluid remaining…

Tanks, Reservoirs, and Pumps Selection Guide

Nordson EFD

Syringe barrels, Cartridge retainer systems with regulators, 1/10 Gallon retainer system with regulator, Precision digital gauge tanks, Analog gauge tanks, 19L Stainless Steel Analog Tanks, 5-Gallon…

PICO Pμlse Jet Valve System Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

The Latest Advance in Precision Jetting Technology. The PICO Pμlse® non-contact jet valve delivers faster, more precise dispensing over smooth and uneven surfaces with less turbulence for greater…

Nordson SELECT Appoints smartTec GmbH as European Distributor for Entire Selective Soldering Product Line

Nordson SELECT

smartTec proudly serves customers throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Much Greater Lip-adjusting 'Stroke' of New-generation Autoflex Gauge Profiler for EDI™ Dies Broadens Scope for Automation

Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson’s Industry-Workhorse System for Automatic Gauge Control of Film and Coating Is Now Also Smaller, Lighter, and Easier to Access for Maintenance

Nordson ASYMTEK Enters Agreement with Esman Elektronik for Distribution in Turkey


Exhibiting conformal coating, jetting, and fluid dispensing products at WIN Automation Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, Hall 7 Booth D120

Dry Filter Continuous Coater

Industrial Coating Systems

Compact, Integrated System for Coating Pipe and Tubing

Nordson EFD Explains How to Choose Dispensing Tips in New Series of Educational Videos

Nordson EFD

Videos help viewers learn quickly and easily how to select the right dispensing tip for a particular fluid and application.

New Nordson EFD Fluid Dispensing Video Gallery is Now Live

Nordson EFD

The video gallery features more than 200 videos focusing on industrial precision fluid dispensing products, industries, applications, and more.

Nordson ASYMTEK Hosts Conformal Coating & Precise Fluid Dispensing Process Technologies Workshop In Indianapolis, Indiana, October 22-23


Keynote speaker: Jason Keeping, global process lead for ruggedized electronics on the Advanced Corporate Development team, Celestica

An Alternative Dispense Process for Application of Catalyst Film on MEAs


A. Babiaraz, B. Sawatzky (SMTAI, August 2008) (PDF 376 KB)

PICO Pμlse Contact Dispense Valve Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

The Latest Advance in Precision Contact Dispensing Technology. The PICO Pμlse® contact dispense valve delivers faster, more precise dispensing with less turbulence for greater uid deposit…

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