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Adhesive Extruders - Hot Melt Extrusion

Discover how Nordson hot melt extrusion technology can improve your system

Nordson adhesive extruders allow for efficient melting and processing of adhesive pellets, helping ensure smooth, even application. Our EEX extruder systems process adhesive as you need it, reducing maintenance needs and preventing clogging. Nordson’s EX hot melt adhesive extruder machine features graduated heading and improved flexibility, allowing you to switch materials quickly and easily. To learn more about Nordson’s hot melt extrusion technology, contact us today.

305 1-Part Shot Meter

305 1-Part Shot Meter Servo motor drive, positive rod displacement material dispense system


EEX Extruder Systems

EEX Extruder Systems Safe, homogenous, high-quality processing of hot melt adhesive granules

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

EX Hot Melt Adhesive Extruders

EX Hot Melt Adhesive Extruders Application flexibility for a range of processing temperatures and pressures

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Pro-Meter S PLC

Pro-Meter S PLC Positive rod displacement metering technology for high speed and precise application of sealants and adhesives in automotive assembly applications

Industrial Coating Systems

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