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Drying Ovens

Find industrial dryer machines and drying systems at Nordson

Cure coatings and dry pellets faster with industrial ovens and drying systems from Nordson. Our company offers a broad range of industrial dryer machines, including BKG™ brand pellet dryers, induction-heat drying ovens and iDry® industrial drying systems. In addition to our quality line of BKG brand dryers, be sure to see our full range of complementary polymer processing components, including screws, barrels, screen changers, pumps, pelletizers and more. To learn more about our industrial oven solutions, contact one of our division representatives today.

EcoDry® Compound Dryer

EcoDry® Compound Dryer The compact  EcoDry® Compound Dryer uses patented induction-heating technology to cure water-based end compounds.

Industrial Coating Systems

iDry® Induction Compound Dryer

iDry® Induction Compound Dryer The  iDry® Induction Compound Dryer for water-based end compounds requires only a fraction of the floor space of convection dryers

Industrial Coating Systems

ISC Bottom Cure System

ISC Bottom Cure System The ISC bottom cure system works with either solventborne or waterborne coatings to cure protective coatings applied to can bottoms.

Industrial Coating Systems

ISC2 Pre-Cure Oven

ISC2 Pre-Cure Oven The Nordson® induction side-seam pre-cure system can increase curing capacity and line speeds by as much as 20 percent, without increasing the capacity of an existing oven. The compact unit preheats…

Industrial Coating Systems

Nordson iDry® – ST Induction heating for steel tubing

Nordson iDry® – ST Induction heating for steel tubing Fast, Efficient Heating for Steel Tubing

Industrial Coating Systems

Pellet Dryers

Pellet Dryers Nordson also offers BKG® pellet dryers for drying a wide range of polymers and pellets.

Polymer Processing Systems

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