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Sealant and Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Find precision adhesive and sealant dispensing equipment ideal for a wide variety of applications

Whether you’re seeking solutions for nonwoven manufacturing or automotive production, adhesive dispensing systems from Nordson provide reliable, accurate, high-quality bond strength. Our sealant dispensing equipment features precision dispensing and cutoff to reduce waste in both manual and automatic application. Browse adhesive and sealant dispensing parts and systems below and contact us to learn more about customizing our solutions to your specific industry needs, and improving accuracy for low-to-high production speeds. 

Highlighted  adhesive and sealant dispensing equipment solutions include:

Nordson adhesive dispensing systems for hot and ambient temperature material, and dispensing systems for rigid packaging, nonwovens and general product assembly applications.

Nordson SEALANT EQUIPMENT for 1 and 2 part ambient temperature adhesive, epoxy, silicone and sealants in a wide variety of applications. 

Not seeing what you want here or need to dispense precise, low volume amounts of materials?  Browse these additional high quality Nordson ASYMTEK and Nordson EFD brand fluid dispensing products.   

JetStream Automated Cartridge Dispenser

JetStream Automated Cartridge Dispenser Improve quality, consistency and production speed with the efficient application of sealant from pre-mixed cartridges in aerospace assembly operations.


JetStream Cartridge Dispenser Applicators

JetStream Cartridge Dispenser Applicators Choose from three interchangeable brush or sealant applicator designs, for maximum versatility


LA 725 Pneumatic Applicators

LA 725 Pneumatic Applicators Contact or non-contact adhesive application in continuous or intermittent production with fast-cycle times and clean cutoff

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

LA 825 Series Electric Applicators

LA 825 Series Electric Applicators High-speed, rapid-cycling performance provide consistent, high-quality bond strength

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

LS 373 Spray Gun

LS 373 Spray Gun Adjustable, controlled spiral spray patterns for a wide range of cold adhesives for packaging, folding carton, converting and product assembly applications

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

LV 227 Bead Gun

LV 227 Bead Gun Accurate liquid adhesive bead deposition with precise cutoff and flow control

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Meter Series XYZ Tabletop Robot

Meter Series XYZ Tabletop Robot Meter Series XYZ Robot - a simple automated dispensing system that brings repeatability and precision to desktop applications, and features the metering system directly mounted on the robot, to…


Micro-Meter 1K

Micro-Meter 1K Servo-driven one-component meter for encapsulating, micro-dispensing, bonding and gasketing small volumes.


Micro-Meter A2K

Micro-Meter A2K Servo-driven two-component meter for encapsulating, micro-dispensing, bonding and gasketing small volumes.


Micro-Meter D2K

Micro-Meter D2K Dual servo-driven two-component meter for encapsulating, micro-dispensing, bonding, gasketing, potting and filling small volumes.


Micro-Meter P2K

Micro-Meter P2K Pneumatically driven two-component meter for encapsulating and potting small volumes.


MiniPUR™ Plus Polyurethane (PUR) Melters

MiniPUR™ Plus Polyurethane (PUR) Melters Specially designed lid and inert gas connection efficiently process hot melt reactive PUR adhesives

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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