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Dispensing Guns

Get paint and adhesive spray guns and other applicators at Nordson

Find the right dispensing guns for your company at Nordson. We offer a range of paint and adhesives application guns that improve speed and help ensure quality output. Our airless spray guns allow for reliable application of coatings and adhesive compounds, and our line of droplet dispensing guns offer the precision you need for delicate assembly tasks. Browse our range of industrial guns and contact us to learn more about Nordson solutions.

Encore® Manual Powder Coating Spray System - Cup Gun Kit

Encore® Manual Powder Coating Spray System - Cup Gun Kit Provides flexible, fast and efficient application / testing of powder coating materials in small volumes, with the unmatched performance and control of Nordson's Encore gun

Industrial Coating Systems

Encore® PE-HD Automatic Spray Gun For Porcelain Enamel

Encore® PE-HD Automatic Spray Gun For Porcelain Enamel The Encore® PE-HD Automatic Bar-Mount Gun applies porcelain enamel powder using dense phase powder transport and application for softer spray at the gun tip.

Industrial Coating Systems

Encore® XT Manual Powder Coating Spray System

Encore® XT Manual Powder Coating Spray System Advanced manual powder coating system that provides on-gun controls for coating efficiency and ease of use.

Industrial Coating Systems

EP 11 Slot Applicators

EP 11 Slot Applicators High-quality intermittent coating with precise adhesive cutoff and control

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

EP 48 Bookbinding Applicator

EP 48 Bookbinding Applicator Contact slot applicator head for reliable hot melt PUR adhesive application in spine gluing books

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

FP-200 Handguns

FP-200 Handguns Hand applicators use a weight-supported design to minimize operator stress and fatigue

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

FP-900 Handguns

FP-900 Handguns Ambient-temperature dispensing guns ease flat panel gluing applications

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

H-20 Series Guns

H-20 Series Guns Automatic hot melt guns deliver high flow rates for multi-orifice applications and high viscosity materials

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Ink-Dot I.D. System

Ink-Dot I.D. System The Nordson Ink-Dot I.D. System identifies which spray machine is coating each can on the line for immediate identification of production issues.

Industrial Coating Systems

Ink-Dot Reservoir Manifold Assembly

Ink-Dot Reservoir Manifold Assembly Direct attachment of the supply bottle to the Ink Dot I.D. operating system for easy, efficient replenishment of ink without spills or sludge.

Industrial Coating Systems

LA 725 Pneumatic Applicators

LA 725 Pneumatic Applicators Contact or non-contact adhesive application in continuous or intermittent production with fast-cycle times and clean cutoff

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

LA 825 Series Electric Applicators

LA 825 Series Electric Applicators High-speed, rapid-cycling performance provide consistent, high-quality bond strength

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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