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Extruder Machines & Products

Order specialized extrusion parts and systems from Nordson

Nordson offers extrusion products for laminating, deckling and specialized outputs such as polymer film, tapes and polysided products. Our expertise in designing and machining dies to specific applications can be seen in the thousands of our EDI brand dies operating worldwide. In addition to our extrusion systems, be sure to see our full range of complementary polymer processing extrusion parts, including screws, barrels, screen changers, pumps, pelletizers and more. Contact us today to learn more about our extruder machines and other extrusion parts and solutions to enhance your systems.

Raffia Tape and Slit Film Dies

Raffia Tape and Slit Film Dies Tarpaulins, carpet-backing, woven bags, and twine are some of the end products made using Nordson's EDI® tape dies.

Polymer Processing Systems

RPVC Siding Dies

RPVC Siding Dies Nordson has more experience than anyone in designing multi-channel, high out-put dies for the RPVC siding industry.

Polymer Processing Systems

Strand Pelletizing Dies

Strand Pelletizing Dies EDI® strand dies for plastic pelletizing are designed to provide uniform pellets of resin following its extrusion through a strand die face.

Polymer Processing Systems

Stripe Dies

Stripe Dies Nordson's EDI® stripe dies are designed for a variety of products with wide to narrow stripe patterns, in multiple color configurations.

Polymer Processing Systems

Twin Wall Flat Dies

Twin Wall Flat Dies Flat dies from Nordson range from a widely used industry workhorse to specialty types like this die for twin wall sheet.

Polymer Processing Systems

Ultraflex™ Sheet Dies

Ultraflex™ Sheet Dies Product standards that governed the sheet industry over a decade ago are no longer acceptable in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Nordson is committed to providing sheet processors with…

Polymer Processing Systems

UltraSplit™ On-line Die Separation Devices

UltraSplit™ On-line Die Separation Devices Eliminate the downtime required to disconnect the die, move it to and from a cleaning station, and then heat it up again to resume production with this easy to operate system.

Polymer Processing Systems

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