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Extruder Machines & Products

Order specialized extrusion parts and systems from Nordson

Nordson offers extrusion products for laminating, deckling and specialized outputs such as polymer film, tapes and polysided products. Our expertise in designing and machining dies to specific applications can be seen in the thousands of our EDI brand dies operating worldwide. In addition to our extrusion systems, be sure to see our full range of complementary polymer processing extrusion parts, including screws, barrels, screen changers, pumps, pelletizers and more. Contact us today to learn more about our extruder machines and other extrusion parts and solutions to enhance your systems.

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Container Coating

Industrial Coating Systems

Nordson is the recognized leader in developing advanced coating, dispensing and curing systems used in the production of beverage and food containers. 

BKG® Pump Control PumpCon Business

Polymer Processing Systems

The BKG® gear pump control PumpCon Business regulates and controls the gear pump and upstream extruder.

Coating - Liquid

Nordson Corporation

Guns, applicators, pumps, sprayers, mixers, dispensers and accessories for liquid painting and other general liquid coating applications.  Trilogy, StediFlo, OptiMix, more...


Polymer Processing Systems

Nordson SELECT to Exhibit Award Winning Selective Soldering Technology at NEPCON South China 2018 Exhibition

Nordson SELECT

Integra™ 508.2 features unique parallel and double processing modes expanding selective soldering throughput and flexibility

Nordson SELECT Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning System Ensures Consistent Quality

Nordson SELECT

Unique automatic solder nozzle tinning system meticulously cleans and re-tins solder nozzle stabilizing surface tension ensuring uniform solder flow

EEX Extruders Data Sheet

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Safe, homogenous, high-quality processing of hot melt adhesive granules

Pelletizing and Compounding

Polymer Processing Systems

Whether it is designing single components or integrating elaborate systems, Nordson has the ability to provide engineered solutions that take your Pelletizing and Compounding application to its…

Unilever MiniBlue II Case Study

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

MiniBlue II provides reliably glued cartons for Unilever

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