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Industrial Spray Guns & Applicators

Find automatic and manual industrial spray gun solutions for a variety of adhesive applications from Nordson

Discover a diverse selection of industrial spray guns and applicators that offers the solutions you need. Whatever you’re producing, from automobile panels to aircrafts to furniture to food packaging, Nordson industrial spray guns provide high-speed, precision application and optimal accuracy to ensure cost-efficient, quality manufacturing. Perfect for the nonwoven industry, our industrial applicators use non-contact delivery for hygienic production. Need an airless solution or a system that reduces maintenance? Our airless industrial spray gun models deliver fine atomization and maximum reliability in high-production, and our automated cleaning system clears out coating nozzles without stopping your process. To discuss which industrial spray gun would best meet your industry-specific needs, contact a Nordson team member

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Dispensing Guns

Nordson Corporation

Overview of our range of guns and applicators for dispensing and applying powder coatings, liquid paints, hot melt and ambient temperature adhesives, sealants and more...


Nordson Corporation

Overview of valves, guns, applicators, nozzles and related products for controlled spraying of fluids, paints, coatings, adhesives and other materials. 


Industrial Coating Systems

Nordson offers an advanced line of manual and automated dispensing spray guns for powder coatings, liquid coatings, adhesives and sealants.

PatternJet™ Plus Hot Melt Dispensing Applicators

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

PatternJet applicators deliver precise, consistent adhesive placement and clean cut-off in high-speed for intermittent spray applications

Quattro™ Automatic Airless Spray Guns

Industrial Coating Systems

Modular Quattro™ automatic spray guns provides fast color changes in high-production airless painting applications

Prism Automatic Spray Guns

Industrial Coating Systems

Nordson Prism air-assisted airless (AAA ) and high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) automatic spray guns deliver superior reliability and finish quality in both circulating and non-circulating paint…

A7A Automatic Airless Spray Guns

Industrial Coating Systems

Nordson A7A automatic airless spray guns are designed to deliver fine atomization and maximum reliability in high-production airless painting, sealant and adhesive applications.

Encore HD Automatic Powder Coating Gun

Industrial Coating Systems

Nordson Encore HD guns provide dense phase powder transport and application for softer spray at the gun tip.

NC-1 Driver

Industrial Coating Systems

The Nordson NC-1 Driver is a stand-alone, single channel gun driver that can be used for two- or three-piece container spray applications using Nordson MEG-type spray guns.

Dispensing - Cold Materials and Adhesives

Nordson Corporation

A full range of valves, dispensers, cartridges, syringes, tips, pumps, applicators, guns and accessories for dispensing ambient temperature sealants, adhesives and other fluids. 

Lancing System for Metal Containers

Industrial Coating Systems

The A7A Lancing gun is an automatic spray gun for airless spray coating of tubes, pails and other containers.

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