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Nordson Corporation Restricted Substances - FAQ



Q: What is Nordson's Restricted Substances Survey Process?
A: Nordson will kick off its first survey in July 2015. Forms must be returned no later than October 2015.
For those suppliers that do not provide a full material disclosure, Nordson will continue to survey once a year for restricted substances.
If full material disclosure is provided, Nordson will re-survey approximately every 3-5 years.

Q: I can't find Nordson as a customer. Does Nordson conduct business under a different name?
A: Nordson may do business with its suppliers as the following...

Q: We need a parts list, PO number, or customer number in order to complete the NRSD. Who can provide this for me?
A: The NRSD is pre-populated with as much information as possible. Your company's information, such as address, phone number, contact person, is based on what is on file. If there is additional information that you require, contact your Supply Chain Manager.

Q: Nordson only purchases 1 product from my company, for a total of $2,000 per year. Do I still need to fill out the NRSD?
A: Yes, Nordson Corporation is committed to taking all reasonable steps to comply with the legislation. If your company provides a full material disclosure, future surveys will be limited.

Q: I am not the correct contact. How do I correct the contact information for my company?
A: If your company uses Nordson's Supply Chain Central ("SCC"), your company's SCC Primary Contact can update the contact information specifically for restricted substances.
If your company does not use SCC, please contact your buyer with the correct information. They will update the information in their ERP system which links to GEMS.
Please note, it may take a while for the change to take affect. The contact person may not change until the next survey. We appreciate your understanding.

Q: Our company does not supply production parts (i.e. supplier supplies equipment or other items, or provides services, used in-house only). Such equipment or services are not incorporated into Nordson's products. Do I still need to fill out the NRSD?
A: Please contact your buyer in order to confirm your products, supplies, or services are not incorporated into Nordson's products.

Q: Our company is a distributor. Do I need to fill out the NRSD?
A: Nordson's expectation of distributors is that they will investigate their supply chain as it applies to the products supplied to Nordson. The NRSD can be answered from the perspective of your suppliers, or the original part manufacturers.

Q: Can I provide more than one NRSD?
A: Our software, GEMS, will only allow one NRSD per supplier. If you need to submit an updated NRSD, you may do so.

Q: Can I copy and paste into the NRSD?
A: Nordson strongly recommends that you do not copy and paste into the NRSD. To be most accurate, we recommend that data is entered line by line. Errors can occur in uploading the form to GEMS when information is copied and pasted.

Q: Is a TIF, GIF, or PDF version of the NRSD adequate? Is a company letter sufficient?
A: Our software, GEMS, will only upload Excel documents saved as .xls.
Nordson will be collecting restricted substance information from thousands of suppliers. We do not have the resources to read every individual supplier letter, analyze the content, and efficiently capture this information into our database. Please complete the NRSD. Information on how to fill out the NRSD can be found in the instructions worksheet of the form.

Q: I can't log in to GEMS. What's wrong?
A: You will need a username, password, and PIN, which will be sent in an original email requesting completion of the NRSD. Nordson's PIN is 4058. The original email may have been blocked, so please be sure to check your spam folder.
Please email if you are still unable to find the original email.

Q: I already submitted the NRSD. Why I am getting a reminder email?
A: When you upload your form into GEMS, you receive a "Thank you" and a reference number. This is misleading, and the system continues to process your form. You should receive an email regarding your upload. The email with either be an "Upload Successful" notice or "Error(s)" notice.
Due to acquisitions and multiple ERP systems, it is possible that there are two supplier ID numbers for the same supplier. It is also possible there are multiple locations of your company and each have a different supplier ID number. Forms are loaded against 1 supplier number. Suppliers receive a reminder email when a supplier number does not have a form loaded against it. The reminders are automatic at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 8 weeks.