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The Nordson Brand

The Nordson brand is much more than our company name or our logo. When we speak of the Nordson brand, we are speaking of the perception and reputation of Nordson in the minds of all the stakeholders we serve. The Nordson brand is continuously being built through our attitudes, our beliefs, and our way of doing business, and it is communicated through the way the company looks, acts and speaks.

Our brand promise:

"Nordson delivers precision technology solutions to help customers succeed worldwide."

Nordson delivers...   The employees of Nordson set the company apart. We are committed to delivering what we say we will.
precision technology solutions...    Today, our precision technology portfolio includes dispensing, fluid management, testing & inspection, surface treatment & curing . We innovate within these technologies to solve customer problems. "Precision technology" is a wide space where we can grow, organically and via acquisition, to serve our customers for years to come. 
to help customers succeed...   The customer is our focus and our reason for existing. Their problems are our concern. Nordson wants its customers to grow their businesses and become more profitable. When our customers are successful, we will be too.
worldwide.    Nordson has been and will continue to be everywhere in the world our customers need us. Our global capability is a competitive advantage. 

When Nordson fulfills its brand promise, all stakeholders have the opportunity to benefit.

Customers   Investors   Employees   Communities 
By choosing Nordson, our customers gain a partner vested in their continuing success.   As Nordson succeeds over time, investors have the opportunity to be rewarded with long term gains.   In delivering on Nordson's promise, employees increase their opportunities for self fulfillment, growth, security, recognition and expanded compensation.   The greater Nordson's success in the marketplace, the greater its ability to support charitable activities in the communities where it operates. 


The Nordson Logo

The key element of our brand identity system is the Nordson logo, a distinctive graphic symbol that elicits immediate name recognition for Nordson and its products. The logo consists of two integrated elements - the graphic "arc" symbol and the communicative name "Nordson".  The "Nordson arc" provides an upward tilt, signifying growth and possibilities for the future. The arc also ends in a precise point, signifying Nordson's leadership in precision technologies.


Over time, Nordson has acquired several companies with strong brand equity of their own. As part of its overall branding strategy, the company has decided to maintain these company names as sub-brands of the Nordson master brand.  Official sub-brands of Nordson are shown below:


Please contact Nordson's Corporate Communications department for high resolution logos, templates, documents or other questions about the Nordson brand. 

Partnerships, Alliances and Third Party Use of the Nordson Logo

As part of its global growth strategy, Nordson may collaborate with other individuals, companies and organizations to develop or market existing or new technologies, products or services.  Nordson's Corporate Communications department should be contacted by any third party wishing to use the Nordson name and logo to ensure that the integrity and attributes of the Nordson brand are maintained appropriately.