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Nordson YESTECH’s Quality and Reliability Creates a Loyal Customer in GMI


Since 1980, General Microcircuits, Inc. (GMI) has been providing simple solutions for electronic circuit board manufacturing, serving a wide range of markets includingNordson-YESTECH-GMI industrial, commercial, telecommunications, medical and defense.

GMI has worked with Nordson YESTECH and our automated optical inspection (AOI) solutions since 2010. Nearly every component GMI installs onto a printed circuit board is inspected using our AOI machines.

“You can’t do what we do without a solid AOI partner,” says GMI’s Vice President of Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer, Nick Harris.

Over the past five years, GMI has purchased four FX AOI machines and an YTX-3000 X-ray machine. The FX AOI machines replaced its three previous-model F1 machines and BX machine. Harris said the company chose to stay with Nordson YESTECH as its AOI solutions provider because of its equipment reliability and excellent support.

“The equipment has had little to no service issues. The machines just do not break. In our five years I think we have had one service visit. However, we have had several visits for applications support and training. Nordson YESTECH has provided us with world-class applications support,” Harris says.

Nordson YESTECH’s FX AOI systems have advanced 5 megapixel color camera imaging technology, offering high-speed inspection with exceptional defect coverage to inspect solder joints and verify correct part assembly. This enables users to improve quality and increase throughput. 

This equipment has provided numerous benefits for GMI during their time on the shop floor.

Nordson YESTECH’s AOI systems communicate effortlessly with GMI’s Aegis manufacturing software to keep processes running smoothly. Harris says that this automation has allowed them to meet and greatly exceed an important key performance indicator, plant defects per million opportunities (DPMO).

“Our AOI machines are where a lot of this data is captured, and they have to be able to talk with Aegis reliably,” says GMI’s Nick Harris. “The performance of our AOI machines is critical in keeping DPMO levels low.”

Nordson YESTECH’s technology helps GMI deliver these services quickly and reliably, because, as Harris said, “Customers want it right, and they want it quick.”

He added, “Nordson YESTECH has great performance and value, and the company continuously improves its tools. In this business, you cannot afford to make mistakes when it comes to equipment selection. We have not been disappointed.”