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Nordson EFD Introduces New Product That Drastically Reduces Plastic Waste

In a landfill, it takes seven fully-collapsed Film-Pak cartridges (shown left) to replace one traditional cartridge (shown right). Film-Pak cartridges reduce plastic waste by 85 percent.

As sustainability becomes more important in today’s industrial settings, Nordson EFD is doing its part to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The latest product that helps reduce waste is the Film-Pak collapsible two-component cartridge, used to package adhesives and sealants. 


Traditional cartridges are rigid, so the whole product has to be disposed of after it’s used. Film-Pak uses new film-based packaging that compresses into a specially-designed lid as the cartridge is emptied, so only the lid is thrown out – reducing plastic waste by 85 percent. In fact, it would take seven fully-collapsed Film-Pak cartridges to replace one traditional cartridge in a landfill. 


Peter Kuzyk, Business Manager of Fluid Formulators and Packagers, has been involved in Film-Pak’s development team since the project began. At that time, he worked for Plas-Pak, a company that Nordson acquired in 2017. Throughout the project, Peter served as a lead on commercial activities, including sales and marketing. 


“The key to Film-Pak is that it’s an evolution in plastic packaging for liquids, gels and paste,” he explained. “It provides all the features and benefits of a rigid cartridge while reducing waste. Plus, it can accept all existing mixers on the market, so it’s an easy replacement for rigid cartridges.” 


Peter explained that developing Film-Pak took a number of years in part because the team had to overcome engineering challenges before they could make Film-Pak a reality. Brent Giansanti, Tooling Engineer; Henry Delgado, Senior Processing Engineer and Lynn Frazier, Production Technician were three key leaders in that effort. 


“One challenge was that we needed an automated machine that could take the film from flat stock on a roll and automate the manufacturing process all the way through so the product would come out at the end as a complete, sealed final package,” he explained. “That was a huge engineering challenge, a huge feat. We have the only piece of equipment that can do that.” 


The team also patented Film-Pak because its flexible film “bag” and front lid are molded together during its manufacturing process. That way, even when Film-Pak cartridges contain corrosive chemicals, the product is not at risk of degrading.


Now, Film-Pak represents an opportunity for Nordson to compete in the market with a new technology. 


“Rather than going in with a ‘me too’ and only competing on price, we can go in with a better mouse trap, basically. This is an evolutionary, leap-frog technology,” Peter explained, “and Film-Pak’s cost is typically about 15 percent lower than rigid cartridges on average, too.”


While the project began within Plas-Pak, Nordson played a crucial role in bringing Film-Pak to life. 


“It was critical that Nordson purchase Plas-Pak to get Film-Pak over the final hurdle to becoming a commercially-viable product,” Peter noted. “As a private company, Plas-Pak didn’t have the deep financial pockets necessary for the final push.”


It was Nordson’s investment in the innovation that allowed the team to overcome the hurdles they faced.


“I’m very pleased to see that Film-Pak is finally a viable product after a long haul,” Peter said. I’m pleased with the market interest in the product, and looking forward to us growing the business, scaling it up and expanding into additional sizes as justified.”