Nordson’s membership in the Women in Manufacturing trade association will provide the company tools to recruit, retain and inspire women to build their careers in the manufacturing industry.

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Q&A on Nordson's New Women in Manufacturing Membership

Women in Manufacturing 


Donna Shirley, Global Talent Processes Leader at Nordson, explains the purpose of the Women in Manufacturing (WiM) association and Nordson's recent decision to purchase a membership.


What is WiM? 

WiM is the only national trade association dedicated to providing year-round support to women who are pursuing or have chosen a career in the manufacturing industry. Still today, women comprise only a small percentage of the manufacturing workforce, which means an important audience of perspectives, experiences and ideas is missing from the industry. WiM will provide Nordson with tools to recruit, retain and inspire women to build their careers in this important profession. 


Why did Nordson choose to become a member of the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation? 

Nordson believes that organizational diversity leads to higher levels of innovation and performance and will further enhance our competitiveness. We also are committed to seeing more women in manufacturing to ensure the ongoing success of our industry. Nordson chose to become a Founding Member in support of our focus on building a more diverse and inclusive workforce for the manufacturing industry.


Who can become a member of WiM?

All employees worldwide – regardless of gender – are invited to take advantage of the membership. All Nordson employees worldwide can benefit from the program’s quarterly 

e-newsletter, free bi-monthly webinars, members-only Facebook group and other online resources. Members can also access special events and programming, including summits, chapter meetings and plant tours held in locations across the United States. 


What does the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation mission mean to Nordson? Why does this cause matter to you? 

Nordson understands that historically manufacturing hasn’t been a preferred work option for many women. We believe a partnership with WiM will help us break down these formerly held stereotypes. Nordson wants to send the message that manufacturing is a viable and worthwhile career option for women.


Why does Nordson support funding for the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation? 

Nordson’s commitment to diversity includes providing networking and learning opportunities to female employees, leaders and future leaders. We understand the benefits of establishing a relationship with WiM to help us fulfill these objectives.


What are the most critical results Nordson expects the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation to produce?

Nordson expects the Foundation to support our employees and others in improving skills, establishing a broad network of support, and increasing the ability of the manufacturing industry to attract a diverse talented workforce. Even more importantly, we will look forward to the Foundation’s support in ensuring we have the tools to retain this diverse workforce and create an inclusive network so that all of our employees can bring out the best in each other.


How would you describe your personal mission?

Diversity brings new challenges, as people from different backgrounds and cultures come together in the workplace. Nordson is committed to increasing our ability to leverage diversity to ensure we can realize the full potential of all employees. This includes improving our ability to recruit diverse talent, create an inclusive culture, resolve diversity-related conflicts and communicate effectively with employees and customers from diverse cultures. We believe that WiM will be a great resource to help us on our journey.