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Giving Back in Our Communities Around the Globe

Nordson employees worldwide share the same company values and dedication to giving back to the communities where we live and work. As our company continues to grow, we're able to share our success with communities around the world. This year, building on the record-breaking success of the Time to Give campaign in the United States, employees in many countries found ways to extend our positive impact and give back to their communities.

See how Nordson employees around the world made a difference in their communities this past year:



Nordson employees in Brazil made a powerful impact on their communities by providing grants to three local organizations. The team's $11,000 grant to APAE Cajamar, a school for those with intellectual disabilities, came at a crucial time for the facility. It was at risk of being cited for closure by the fire department because the facility wasn't up to code. With Nordson's donation, they were able to purchase the materials, equipment and workmanship they needed to earn certification from the fire department and remain open.

Our Brazilian team also donated $10,000 to Projeto Lar (Project Home), a non-profit home for children and teenagers removed from their homes because of unfit living conditions or abuse. This covered basic needs and groceries for 24 children for five months. Plus, a $9,000 grant went to Lar Ternura (Gentle Home), a care facility for those with lifelong disabilities like Down Syndrome, Autism and others. With the money, they remodeled and made two bathrooms fully handicap accessible and constructed a hygienic garbage collection area. 

"As always, the moment we told each of the institutions that they would receive a grant was an exciting moment," said Juliana Tacini Ramos Batista, Finance Manager at Nordson Brazil. "They cried and made us cry, they laughed and made our day better. We won't forget those moments. It's impossible."


Nordson employees in Canada donated CAD $24,130 ($18,770 USD) to non-profits in their local communities last year. A highlight of this year's campaign, the team funded a weekend at Camp Oochigeas (Ooch) for five children with cancer that allowed them to just be kids for a while. The funds covered expenses for medical care, around-the-clock high ratio supervision, fully accessible activities, meals, transportation and more. The kids had a chance to cook, camp, make music and happy memories with their peers and friends. 

"Nordson Canada's dedication and passion for Ooch means that you have helped our campers thrive throughout and beyond their cancer experience," a representative of Ooch said. "Your generosity ensures that Ooch is a place where kids with cancer can just be kids."


ChinaNordson's team in China is celebrating seven years of participation in our international giving efforts. From the start of their program until now, they have contributed $171,965 USD to seven local non-profits, including $17,552 in funds raised by employees. Their volunteer efforts are similarly impressive: 232 Nordson employees have volunteered 536 hours in total in various community affairs activities.

For several years, the team has made a special effort to improve the living conditions for residents of the Zhenghua Elderly Care Center. This past year they replaced 45 air conditioners for the facility. They've previously donated special beds, TVs and heaters too. But the true highlight of their campaign each year is celebrating the Chinese New Year with Zhenghua residents. This year, 20 Nordson employees visited the facility to clean their floors, decorate the windows and doors and make dumplings together.

The team has also supported Yucai School, an elementary school for children of migrant workers, since their giving program began. Our Nordson team funds lunches for the children and provides teaching aids and books for the school. At a year-end party for the school, 14 Nordson volunteers read books to children for an afternoon. Plus, five Nordson employees participated in the Shanghai 50km Charity Walkathon this year. They raised $10,000 USD for a liver transplant for two newborn babies.

As Nordson continues to grow rapidly in China, the team remains committed to making a real impact on the communities where they live and work. 


Nordson's German employees contributed nearly $30,000 toward 13 projects – all focused on educating children. The funds made an impressive impact and spanned many areas of education and opportunity. They sponsored instruments for children's music lessons, playground equipment, German lessons for migrant and refugee families, sponsorships for sports camps, motors for a local school's competitive robotics team and even protective clothing for groups of students learning about bees at a local nature habitat. Because of our German team's donations, local children have additional opportunities and support for their physical, social, linguistic and emotional development. A truly comprehensive effort by our German colleagues!

Iberian Peninsula

Iberian PeninsulaA team of Nordson employees representing Spain and Portugal marked their second year of participation in our international giving efforts by donating €4,000 ($4,791 USD) to Fundación Española de Mastocitosis. The organization focuses on treatment and building awareness of a rare disease called Mastocytosis, which causes the body's mast cells to release histamines that cause symptoms similar to allergic reactions.

Our Iberian team chose to donate to this cause as a way of showing their support for a Nordson colleague who is personally affected by the disorder. Rare diseases like Mastocytosis often don't receive much attention or investments for research, so this gift by Nordson was especially impactful for the organization.

The Nordson employee affected by Mastocytosis also collects plastic stoppers to finance research into the disorder, and this year raised an additional €2,800 ($3,354 USD) for the cause that way.  

"Personally, I would like to thank Nordson for the opportunity given to workers to propose the financing of charitable causes," the affected colleague said. "Especially if it personally affects a Nordson worker."


IndiaOur Nordson team in India supported three impactful causes this year. Through scholarships totaling INR 1,309,700 ($20,149 USD), the team funded the college education of ten young women at Mount Carmel College in Bangalore. The scholarships were granted to women who faced serious difficulties funding their education and will allow each to earn a bachelor's degree. 

In addition, the team gave grants worth INR 310,000 ($4,770 USD) to FAME India, an organization that works to integrate children with special needs into mainstream society. By providing holistic education and vocational training, the program enables children and young adults with special needs to live their lives with dignity and self-reliance. 

Finally, Nordson employees in India donated INR 150,000 ($2,300 USD) to Genesis Foundation, an NGO that supports children from disadvantaged families that are in need of urgent medical care for heart disorders. The organization works directly with the families or guardians of these children and with their doctors, to ensure not only timely treatment but also the best available treatment.


NetherlandsIn the Netherlands, Nordson employees gave €18250 ($21,856 USD) in support of local organizations. They provided a playset for a local elementary school and helped renovate a local community playground to create a multifunctional gathering place for neighborhood residents of all ages. They also partnered with "Kinderonderzoekfonds" (Children's Research Fund) to give children and families who were patients of the Maastricht Academic Hospital a day at the zoo along with their doctors and nurses.

Among other donations, one highlight of this year's campaign was the team's contribution of a small bus for an organization called Stichting Relim, which offers adapted jobs in protected surroundings for individuals with mental handicaps or those undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation. By providing a structure of care for this population, Stichting Relim is enables individuals to rebuild their lives and maintain their independence. The bus allows the organization to transport their participants to customer sites, providing additional opportunities for rehabilitative work.


UKNordson employees in the UK donated £23,000 ($31,363 USD) to six local causes. Their funds helped build a security fence around a pre-school's outdoor garden, provided tutoring fees and materials to a charity for the homeless and sponsored two projects for a local high school's STEM club.

A highlight of our UK team's campaign was sponsoring new IT equipment for Medical Detection Dogs, an organization that trains dogs to detect, recognize and diagnose diseases. As the charity expanded, they urgently needed more IT resources for their staff and volunteers.

"Nordson's donation helps us continue our ground-breaking charitable work to investigate the potential of dogs to assist clinicians in the early detection and diagnosis of cancers and other diseases," a representative said. "We very much appreciate your support."