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Political Activities and Contributions

Policy on Political Activities and Contributions

Communications with Government Officials
Nordson strives to develop and maintain positive relationships with elected and appointed public officials and government agencies.  We respond appropriately to government requests for information relating to taxation, licensing, occupational safety and health matters, labor practices, environmental protection and other regulated areas. We may also communicate our viewpoint on certain matters via public comments, testimony and/or directly to government officials, provided that all such communication on behalf of Nordson must comply with our External Communications Policy and applicable laws.

Political Contributions 
Nordson does not allow political contributions by the company, unless approved in advance by the Chief Executive Officer.  A “political contribution” includes: (a) any contribution of company funds or other assets for political purposes or advocacy, and (b) encouraging individual employees to make any such contribution or reimbursing an employee for any contribution.  Nordson does not use company funds for political lobbying; however, Nordson belongs to, and pays membership dues to, several industry trade associations that may engage in political lobbying that could affect Nordson.

Individual employees may support the political process through personal contributions or by volunteering personal time to the candidates or organizations of their choice.  These activities, however, may not be conducted on company time or involve the use of the company name or any company resources such as telephones, computers or supplies.