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Talent Management and Development

Our ability to retain current employees and attract the best new talent to drive success relies upon providing a diverse and inclusive workplace and offering personal and professional growth opportunities. Talent Management and Development is part of Nordson's overall Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability strategy.

Talent Management and Development


Our talented and experienced employees around the world drive progress for Nordson Corporation and our stakeholders every day and are critical to continuous improvement. Our ability to retain current employees and attract the best new talent to drive success relies upon providing a diverse and inclusive workplace and offering personal and professional growth opportunities.

Our Global Workforce

We retain our existing talent by offering a collaborative culture that enables leaders to emerge through increased responsibility. As a leader in our industry, we offer competitive compensation and benefits programs and strive to create an environment where employees are able to contribute to their full potential.  Our managers actively engage with employees to provide feedback aimed at developing skills and capabilities important to success in their current roles and to position them for future opportunities.  Goal setting along with mid-year and annual reviews ensures alignment throughout the year.  Employees are responsible for achievement of specific individual and team goals and for embodying Nordson’s corporate values.  Our employee evaluation process considers both adherence to Nordson values as well as performance on a variety of competencies that seek to shape Nordson’s culture.


Problem Solving
Learning Ability
Process Management
Work Commitment/Personal
Creating a Trusting Environment


Championing Innovation and Change
Managing Vision
Strategic Agility
Business and Financial Acumen
Community Involvement
Managing and Directing
Building Organizational Capacity
Recognition Culture

Internally, we manage human resources at many levels of our company. Our Vice President of Human Resources oversees Nordson’s general hiring and retention practices, and our regional Human Resources Directors implement these practices. Local Human Resources Departments respond to employee recommendations and requests. Our human capital management software serves as a tool to communicate with employees, track applicants and manage and update talent metrics.

As we expand our business, attracting and developing new employees will continue to be essential to our strategy. We recognize that hiring the workforce of the future requires a fresh approach and ability to differentiate our initiatives from other employers. To recruit the best and brightest for Nordson, we foster educational opportunities for current students through internships, and we leverage our training and development programs to demonstrate opportunities for growth within the organization. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture is essential to expanding our organizational strength. Over the past two years, Nordson has been working to develop and implement a strategy to further increase collaboration and inclusion as well as to increase diversity at all levels. Our strategy will focus on three areas: inclusion awareness and skill building, our hiring/selection process, and performance management/succession planning. Diversity is also one of the key components of enhancing and expanding our organizational capability as part of our Five Year Strategic Plan. 

Employee Engagement

Nordson thrives on teamwork, collaboration and diversity.  Our core value of “respect for people” has long set the foundation for an inclusive culture.  To be a vital, self-renewing organization well into the future, we need to raise the bar by fostering an environment that is intentionally inclusive, enables all employees to contribute to their maximum potential and cultivates the engagement required to exceed the rising expectations of our customers. 

Bi-annually, we conduct a Voice of the Employee survey to listen to our employees’ suggestions and opinions. In turn, employee feedback gives us the opportunity to evaluate our current policies and procedures and respond accordingly to better our work environments. We openly share the survey results with all employees and outline resulting actions and goals.
Our survey is currently administered by a third-party provider, which provides us with benchmarking data against other companies. We are pleased with our employee survey response rate, which is well above the benchmark. Our current employee engagement rate is close to the database average, has been improving over time, and provides a good starting point as we seek to move closer to the best employer norm benchmark. 

Employee Survey Response Rate

Response rate

Employee Engagement Level

Employee engagement level

Nordson results relative to benchmark show strength in the areas of collaboration and teaming with co-workers, as well as work environment (physical work environment, safety and security, and work/life balance).   We continue to drive improvements in the areas of career opportunities, rewards and recognition, work processes and resources, and external brand recognition as identified in past surveys, and we have been seeing steady improvement.    


Engagement Priorities

2013 Survey

2015 vs 2013

2017 vs 2015

Career Opportunities

Providing training, succession planning, and information to employees to advance in the Company.

We used our 2013 Survey established as our Baseline Level for comparison.

Improved 3 percentage points

Improved 4 percentage points

Rewards & Recognition

Recognizing employees’ contribution to Company success.

Improved 6 percentage points

Improved 5 percentage points

Employer Brand

Recognition that Nordson is regarded as a good place to work by people outside the organization.

Improved 18 percentage points*

Improved 5 percentage points

Work Processes & Resources

Providing employees the appropriate resources, tools and procedures to support new ideas and good work processes

Improved 5 percentage points

Improved 4 percentage points

*category definition modified in 2015
Training Opportunities

With their manager’s input, employees develop an Individual Development Plan, or IDP. The IDP tracks career and job interests, travel preferences, relocation preferences and other development goals.   Within every employee’s annual performance review, employees and their managers also discuss and complete a dedicated Training Requirement section. We track each employee’s number of hours spent in training during the year, the effectiveness of that training and training needs for the coming year. 

Nordson annually conducts a robust enterprise-wide succession planning process. Our process has been in place for many years and seeks to identify top talent and high potential employees early in their careers. By enhancing capabilities, our employees advance their careers, improve their lives and contribute to Nordson’s success. To foster their management skills, employees have access to online learning programs which include courses on specialty focus areas and general management skills. Emerging leaders may also be selected for our Leadership Direct program and other development programs which are designed to enhance strategic management skills. Additionally, we provide tuition and education expense reimbursement for eligible employees in locations where reimbursement is customary for career-related educational programs, including degree and certificate programs. 


In conjunction with measuring employee engagement bi-annually, we continue to focus on local hiring, incorporating more training opportunities, performance assessments, succession paths and cross-operational movement in order to grow our talent. We measure voluntary turnover (excluding retirees) as an indicator of our effectiveness in retaining talent, and believe our current levels are better than industry norms. 

Voluntary Employee Turnover*

Voluntary employee turnover
*The table does not include retirees



In 2016, we established the Women’s Internal Nordson Network, or WINN, a dynamic internal network to support, mentor and develop women into strong leaders, supporting their own and Nordson’s continued success. WINN began within Nordson’s Advanced Technology segment and is targeted to expand more broadly across the organization. It is the first of multiple affinity groups Nordson hopes to establish to further support diversity and inclusion.