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Product Quality and Safety

We source responsibly and apply rigorous systems to ensure our products meet or exceed the highest standards of quality and safety.  It is part of our overall Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability strategy.

Product Quality and Safety


The quality and safety of our products are foundational to Nordson Corporation’s reputation and relationships with customers. We source responsibly and apply rigorous systems to ensure our products meet or exceed the highest standards of quality and safety. 


The safety and quality of our products begins with our compliance with national, state and local regulations and standards in all countries where Nordson products are sold. These include the European Union (EU) Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) initiative; United States Export Administration Regulations; and the EU Restrictions on the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. We adhere to these regulations in part through our EU Reach Program and our Global Export Compliance Program

Quality Management Systems & Policies

We guarantee the quality of our products through strategic management systems across our operations. Each of our business segments leverages segment-specific Quality Management Systems (QMS) based upon risks and compliance needs associated with the product line. This system documents the structure, responsibilities and procedures required to identify, measure, control and improve the core business line processes. We also implement procedures for new acquisitions to review and ensure safe operations, including an analysis of substances or chemicals used and making substitutions to less hazardous materials when appropriate and effective.

Nordson’s Restricted Substances Policy contains guidance on restricted substance regulations, planning, analysis and procedure discipline. Our Nordson Quality Policy ensures that the quality defined by our customers is upheld and that our products and services meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.  

We update our employees on restricted materials given any new or updated legislation or initiatives.

Internal Accountability

Our Product Compliance Department oversees quality management systems and compliance at the highest level and receives reports on any product quality issues. Nordson’s Product Compliance Council consists of representatives from each Nordson business unit as well as applicable corporate functions tasked with managing the program. Additionally, each business segment has a Quality Assurance representative in charge of their Quality Management System. Design Engineering teams are responsible for verifying product compliance prior to production release. The Product Compliance Department developed our Nordson Restricted Substance Program (NRSP) as a corporate program to define, create and implement effective restricted substance control policies and procedures consistently across operations.


Beyond compliance with regulations and our QMS, we seek International Organization for Standardization (ISO) quality management certifications at our facilities. To view the full list of ISO-certified facilities, please visit our ISO Information page. Through end of calendar year 2016, Nordson held 23 quality certifications across 20 facilities worldwide.  

Additionally, Nordson is a member of Sedex—a global non-profit membership organization that serves as a platform for providing responsible sourcing data on supply chains. As a member of Sedex, we commit to the four pillars of ethical trade, which are:

Health and safety;
Labor standards;
Environment; and
Business ethics.  

Finally, we measure the Cost of Poor Quality as one of our eight corporate Key Performance Indicators and make any adjustments to our management practices as needed. 
Johns CreekJohns Creek Facility Successfully Completes SMETA 4-Pillar Audit Conducted by DNV-GL

In 2015, Nordson’s Johns Creek facility successfully completed a Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) based upon the four pillars of ethical trade noted above. The audit covered our Adhesives business unit, and the SMETA methodology uses the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) code and local law as the measurement tool. Our auditor, DNV-GL, highlighted many strengths exhibited by the Johns Creek facility, including high employee satisfaction with benefits and work environment.