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Nordson Fellowship of Distinguished Inventors

Nordson created the Nordson Fellowship of Distinguished Inventors to recognize individual inventors who have made an important contribution to Nordson's patented technology.

In 2001, then-Nordson Chief Executive Officer Edward Campbell inducted Eric Nord as the first member of the Nordson Fellowship of Distinguished Inventors.  Nord, one of the company's founders, developed several successful products and received 25 U.S. patents during his career.  Since then, seven other inventors have been recognized for their achievements in innovation by being inducted into the Fellowship.

Eric T. Nord
Eric Nord
Inducted May 2, 2001
A leader and visionary in the field of airless spray technology, he set the standard of invention for others to follow.

Samuel R. Rosen

Inducted April 25, 2002
An outstanding engineer and inventor; a pioneer at Nordson responsible for numerous valuable innovations.

Donald R. Hastings

Inducted April 8, 2003
A resourceful and imaginative engineer, with great humility, he significantly advanced electrostatic spray gun technology.

Alvin A. Rood

Inducted May 6, 2004
An imaginative engineer with keen insight into fluid behavior whose tireless efforts put Nordson at the forefront of airless spray nozzle technology.

Dr. Walter Cobbs

Inducted May 26, 2005
His exceptional knowledge in the chemical arts spawned new Nordson products enabling Nordson to enter previously untapped markets.

Gerald W. Crum

Inducted May 1, 2007
An expert in spraying and charging powder coating material, his resourceful application of this knowledge was crucial to developing Nordson's powder business.

James W. Schmitkons
Inducted May 18, 2011
A gifted engineer,over a career spanning three decades, he solved complex technical problems in diverse fields to develop commercially successful products.

Charles P. Ganzer

Inducted May 18, 2017
A creative, hardworking, resourceful and humble engineer, he was responsible for numerous commercially successful hot melt innovations for the Adhesives business group.