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Industrial Packaging Equipment

Provide high-quality industrial packing & packaging solutions with equipment from Nordson

Whether you need packaging equipment to produce food containers, shipping materials or product packaging, Nordson can help improve your process so you waste less, save time and increase your profit margin. We offer packaging manufacturing solutions such as adhesive spray systems and valves, sensors and readers for folding and converting operations, and feedblocks that reduce downtime when managing packaging films. 

Highlighted Nordson industrial packing and packaging solutions include:

Hot melt adhesive dispensing systems for paper-based and rigid packaging. Our packaging equipment helps you manage sealing, attachment, confectionary and small packs, tray making, palletizing, labeling and more.

Polymer processing, extrusion and laminating components for plastic-based, flexible industrial packaging, including films, pouches, wraps and coated papers. 

Coating systems for food and beverage cans.   


Fluid Pressure Booster

Fluid Pressure Booster Nordson EFD Fluid Pressure Booster is designed to help move thick materials from a tank or cartridge to an EFD precision valve by boosting dispense pressure up to 100 bar.

Nordson EFD

Freedom® Hot Melt Dispensing System

Freedom® Hot Melt Dispensing System An integrated tankless system that combines RediFlex Hoses, MiniBlue II with SureBead applicators, and an Optix touch-screen control panel

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

FTR™ Valves

FTR™ Valves The Xaloy® FTR™ valve is a three-piece non-return valve, and is considered the best RPVC three-piece valve available.

Polymer Processing Systems

Fulfill® Retrofit Adhesive Fill Kit

Fulfill® Retrofit Adhesive Fill Kit Add on for a current melter to automatically keep tanks full and improve productivity while reducing maintenance, waste costs and downtime

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Fusion™ II Injection Molding and Extrusion Screw

Fusion™ II Injection Molding and Extrusion Screw The Xaloy® Fusion™ design barrier screw is a combination of proven barrier screw technology and a low shear metering section, providing chaotic mixing, reduced melt temperatures and improved…

Polymer Processing Systems

FX-500 Ultra 3D SPI

FX-500 Ultra 3D SPI Nordson YESTECH's FX-500 ULTRA 3D SPI provides 3-D height, volume and area metrology for PCB boards with complex and small pad sizes where solder volume definition is critical for joint reliability.…



HiCut™ The BKG® HiCut™ is a cutter hub, holding significantly more and optimized blades for improved pellet quality and reduced operating costs. The cutter hub is compatible with all pelletizers in our…

Polymer Processing Systems

High Capacity Slide Plate Screen Changers SPC

High Capacity Slide Plate Screen Changers SPC For high capacity polymer filtration up to 27211 kg/hr (60000 lb/hr) and higher, Nordson manufactures the BKG® SPC-1200EA and BKG® 1500EA.

Polymer Processing Systems

In-Die-Feedblock Technology

In-Die-Feedblock Technology Ideal for dedicated structures, an in-die-feedblock is an option for up to 3 layers.

Polymer Processing Systems

Injection Barrels

Injection Barrels Xaloy® bimetallic injection barrels, manufactured by the industry leader in bimetallic barrel technology, are produced to the highest quality standards. Continuously improved alloys guarantee optimum…

Polymer Processing Systems

In-Line Filter

In-Line Filter Insert between hose and gun to trap char and contaminants

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Jet Cleaner Size Matrix

Jet Cleaner Size Matrix The most advanced cleaning method for fast and safe removal of polymer residue from metal parts is available in an array of Nordson jet cleaner sizes to meet your part cleaning requirements.

Polymer Processing Systems

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