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Metal Fabrication Tools and Finishing Equipment

Find powder coating, UV curing and related metal fabrication equipment from Nordson

Nordson offers metal fabrication tools and finishing equipment for both manual and automatic application to optimize your company’s existing processes. Our color change valves and spray systems ensure efficient, contamination-free color change during powder coating application, and our manual spray guns for metal finishing ensure ease of use and heightened control for a smooth finish. Whether your job shop provides industrial metal finishing application for the automotive or architectural industry, you can increase your output with our powder coating booths, bulk feed systems and anti-static tubing. Contact us and we’ll partner with you to find the best metal fabrication equipment for efficiency in your industry.

25B Pump

25B Pump The Model 25B is an air-operated, hydraulic pump for heated or unheated spray systems and fluid delivery applications.

Industrial Coating Systems

64B Pump

64B Pump The Nordson® Model 64B pump is a positive-displacement, demand-type pump that operates multiple guns at mid-range volume or a single gun in high-volume applications of high viscosity materials.

Industrial Coating Systems

A7A Automatic Airless Spray Guns

A7A Automatic Airless Spray Guns Nordson A7A automatic airless spray guns are designed to deliver fine atomization and maximum reliability in high-production airless painting, sealant and adhesive applications.

Industrial Coating Systems

A7A Color Change Valves

A7A Color Change Valves Model A7A color-change valves deliver fast, reliable color-change  for improved productivity in painting applications

Industrial Coating Systems

Air-Assisted Airless Module for A7A Spray Gun

Air-Assisted Airless Module for A7A Spray Gun Achieve all the benefits of air-assisted airless spraying with an easy conversion of your existing Nordson A7A airless spray guns.  The A7A Air Assisted Airless Module can be installed in seconds by…

Industrial Coating Systems

Anti-Static Hose for Powder Coating

Anti-Static Hose for Powder Coating Flexible and durable anti-static powder hose provides consistent flow and superior cleaning properties for powder coating.

Industrial Coating Systems

Automated Triggering System

Automated Triggering System The Nordson® Automated Triggering System (ATS) provides effective control of rotary atomizer and spray-gun trigger points in automatic liquid painting systems.

Industrial Coating Systems

Bulk Powder Coating Feed System

Bulk Powder Coating Feed System The Nordson bulk powder coating material feed system supplies virgin powder directly from a fiber drum to a hopper/feeder in a continuous, efficient operation.

Industrial Coating Systems


Chain-Drive-In-Out-Positioner The Chain Drive In/Out Positioner can put powder guns in virtually any position with contouring ability.

Industrial Coating Systems

ColorMax® 2 Fast Color Change Powder Coating Spray Booth

ColorMax® 2 Fast Color Change Powder Coating Spray Booth Powder coating system optimized for efficient, repeatable powder application and fast, contamination-free color change.

Industrial Coating Systems

ColorMax® 3 Fast Color Change Powder Coating Spray Booth

ColorMax® 3 Fast Color Change Powder Coating Spray Booth ColorMax® 3 is a fast colour change powder coating booth. It improves quality, reduces downtime and maximises your production. 

Industrial Coating Systems

CoolWave 2 410 System

CoolWave 2 410 System The microwave-powered CoolWave® 2 410 system provides improved flexibility and easy maintenance for industrial curing applications.

Industrial Coating Systems

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