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MEMS Manufacturing Applications

Discover how Nordson equipment can enhance MEMS fabrication processes

Fast, precise dispensing, tilt assemblies to get in to tight spaces, and process generators that can manage multiple lines of programming are just a few of the ways Nordson equipment is suited to micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) manufacturing. Find other MEMS manufacturing applications, including plasma surface treatment devices, etching equipment, and viscosity control systems below. Contact us to learn how we can partner with you to create efficiencies and enhancements in your production of MEMS technology. 

Additional Nordson products and solutions for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, or MEMS fabrication include:

Nordson MARCH advanced plasma surface treatment equipment for device cleaning, photoresist descum, material stripping, redistribution line etching, contamination removal and other applications.
Nordson ASYMTEK automated and Nordson EFD semi-automated fluid dispensing equipment for assembly applications.

Nordson DAGE bondtesters and X-ray inspection solutions for engineering, failure analysis and production.  

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Industrial Coating Systems

Nordson manufacturers automated and manual spray equipment used to precisely apply powder coatings, like porcelain enamel, in appliance applications.  Nordson powder coating and curing solutions help…

Automotive & Transportation


Recognized leader in engineered systems for the application of structural adhesives and sealants in harsh automotive manufacturing environments

Improving battery production at every stage


Industry leading, field proven range of automated dispensing solutions for 1-part and 2-part materials used in storage or vehicle battery cell manufacturing.

Electronics - Semiconductor

Nordson DAGE

The Nordson DAGE XM8000 fully automatic wafer inspection system provides a unique solution for inspecting bumps, TSVs, MEMs and other structures on 200, 300 and 450 mm wafers.  Fully automatic wafer…

Appliance Manufacturing

Industrial Coating Systems

Metering, Mixing & Dispense Equipment Solutions for Appliance Manufacturing Processes


Nordson Corporation

Valves, applicators, dispensers and accessories for high quality gasketing - from precision electronics applications to large scale industrial and automotive applications.



Hot Melt Adhesive Coating

Nordson Corporation

Be it paper, textiles, plastics, foils, nonwovens or other materials, Nordson technology enables you to manufacture adhesive coated materials with excellent edge and coating weight control.


Nordson Corporation

Overview of valves, dispensers, mixers, metering systems and accessories for large scale and micro encapsulation in electronics, industrial and automotive manufacturing applications.   

IMAPS Device Packaging 2014


Nordson ASYMTEK presenting on "Precise Solder Dispensing in High-Throughput Micro-Device Packaging Applications" - Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA

CTEX Suzhou 2017

Nordson MARCH

Visit Nordson MARCH to learn the latest plasma treatment technologies in PCB manufacturing

Plasma Treatment Systems

Nordson Corporation

Nordson MARCH offers award winning plasma treatment systems for cleaning and modifying surfaces in electronics manufacturing processes.  FlexTRAK, FlexVIA, RollVIA, more...

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