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MEMS Manufacturing Applications

Discover how Nordson equipment can enhance MEMS fabrication processes

Fast, precise dispensing, tilt assemblies to get in to tight spaces, and process generators that can manage multiple lines of programming are just a few of the ways Nordson equipment is suited to micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) manufacturing. Find other MEMS manufacturing applications, including plasma surface treatment devices, etching equipment, and viscosity control systems below. Contact us to learn how we can partner with you to create efficiencies and enhancements in your production of MEMS technology. 

Additional Nordson products and solutions for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, or MEMS fabrication include:

Nordson MARCH advanced plasma surface treatment equipment for device cleaning, photoresist descum, material stripping, redistribution line etching, contamination removal and other applications.
Nordson ASYMTEK automated and Nordson EFD semi-automated fluid dispensing equipment for assembly applications.

Nordson DAGE bondtesters and X-ray inspection solutions for engineering, failure analysis and production.  

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Conductive Adhesives


Nordson ASYMTEK offers production-proven dispensing systems for conductive adhesives to meet strict manufacturing requirements

Nordson MARCH’s New Plasma Polymerization Deposition Systems Deposit Materials During Precision Manufacturing Processes

Nordson MARCH

Uniform film coating changes surface characteristics of the substrate

Fluid Dispensing for Packaging Todays Devices


A. Morita (Chip Scale Review, April 2014) (PDF 1.29 MB)


Nordson Corporation

Melt stream components for extrusion processes: barrier film and sheet, cast film, flexible packaging and more.  Dies, screws, barrels, pumps.

Nordson ASYMTEK Demonstrates High-Speed, Precision Dispensing Systems for Microelectronics Applications at NEPCON China in the FTC Stand #1G50


Nordson ASYMTEK's new Conexis conformal coating system to be displayed at the Gentron International stand #1J35

Furniture & Woodworking

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Dispensing systems for hot melt, including reactive polyurethane (PUR), adhesives and sealants increase efficiency in manufacturing furniture and in woodworking applications

Sealing Dispensing for MEMS Wafer Capping


H. Park (IWLPC 2012) (PDF 550 KB)

Automotive and Transportation

Nordson Corporation

Overview of adhesive and sealant dispensing, coating, finishing and related solutions for the automotive industry. Body, glass, sunroof, power train, wheel, stamping, lamp assembly, more...

Nordson ASYMTEK Introduces New Spectrum II S2-900 Series High Speed, High Accuracy, Precision Dispensing System


New system leads the pack with three-axis precision fluid dispensing in cutting-edge semiconductor and microelectronics assembly at Productronica Stand A2-339



Nordson ASYMTEK has a diverse line of valves for precise applications of different materials during manufacturing


Nordson Corporation

Overview of valves and related equipment for molding applications.


Nordson DAGE

MEMs devices are critical in automotive and aerospace as well as many other high tech industries.  Nordson DAGE bondtesters are providing the industry with manual and fully automatic solutions for…

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