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Marine Industry Manufacturing

Discover how Nordson marine industry equipment solutions can enhance your production and testing processes

Marine machinery must be able to withstand the rigors of weather, corrosion and intense wear and tear. Whether you need precision paint equipment to improve the efficiency of boat refurbishment and repair or adhesive dispensing and bondtesting equipment to ensure your materials are securely connected, we can help. Nordson’s equipment for marine manufacturing is designed to help our customers improve productivity, lower costs and create stronger products capable of meeting the demands of the marine industry. From mixers and powder coating systems to x-rays and bondtesters, our equipment spans a wide range of applications to help your company achieve great results. To find out more about how Nordson products can enhance your marine manufacturing line, contact us today.

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Nordson Corporation

Overview of adhesive and sealant dispensing, extrusion and injection molding products and systems for aerospace body, component, and electronics assembly, fabrication and finishing.

Lubrication Systems

Industrial Coating Systems

Nordson lubrication systems are routinely used to apply defined and controllable beads of lubricant to both cans and tabs in the container industry.

Nordson BUILDS Scholarship Program

Nordson Corporation

In support of our mission and strategic vision to build a skilled and educated workforce in manufacturing and industry, Nordson Corporation created the Nordson BUILDS Scholarship Program.

Agriculture, Lawn and Garden

Nordson Corporation

Overview of powder coating, liquid painting, adhesive and sealant dispensing, injection molding and extrusion solutions.  Lawn mowers, tractors, garden tools, components, more...


Nordson Corporation

Overview of the many industries served by Nordson Corporation

Sealant Equipment Fact Sheet-2015

Nordson Corporation



Metering, Mixing & Dispense Equipment Solutions for the Defense Industry



Meter, Mix, & Dispense Systems for Composite Manufacturing

Coating - Liquid

Nordson Corporation

Guns, applicators, pumps, sprayers, mixers, dispensers and accessories for liquid painting and other general liquid coating applications.  Trilogy, StediFlo, OptiMix, more...

X-ray Inspection Systems

Nordson Corporation

Industry leading Nordson DAGE X-ray systems perform non-destructive inspection of optically hidden features in electronics manufacturing operations. They are essentially X-ray microscopes...

Life Sciences

Nordson EFD

The medical device and life sciences industry must meet stringent regulations for quality and product consistency, making process control a critical issue. Nordson EFD meets the demands of this…

Home and Office

Nordson Corporation

Overview of adhesive dispensing, powder and liquid coating, extrusion, injection molding and other products for a wide variety of applications in home and office.

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