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Lighting & LED Industry Solutions

Support your production line with critical components for lighting manufacturers and the LED industry at Nordson

Lighting and LED manufacturers are constantly striving for innovation in their products. Nordson is keenly aware of the manufacturing needs of the light industry and has designed components and full systems to exceed standards for safety, efficiency and quality. We make it easy to integrate our equipment into product lines to help light manufacturing companies improve their production capabilities while saving on costs. Whether you need high-speed jets and encapsulation equipment for electronics assembly, precision applicators for adhesive and powder coatings, or faster, more efficient UV curing systems, our solutions for LED and lighting manufacturers can help. Contact us to learn more about our products or speak with a division representative.

Highlighted products and solutions for the LED and light manufacturing industry include:

Nordson ASYMTEK automated dispense systems and Nordson EFD semi-automated systems for silicone phosphor cavity encapsulation and packaging assembly material dispensing.

Nordson MARCH plasma treatment equipment for encapsulation & molding, die attach, and wire bonding in light manufacturing.

Nordson DAGE bondtesters and x-ray equipment for testing and inspection.

Nordson powder coating and related products for indoor and outdoor light fixture coating, painting and assembly.

Dual Chamber Vacuum Boxes

Dual Chamber Vacuum Boxes Achieve better stabilization of extruded film with an EDI® Dual Chamber Vacuum Box than with other web-impingement devices.

Polymer Processing Systems

Dual-Action Bracket

Dual-Action Bracket Nordson ASYMTEK's Dual-Action Bracket can be used for both single-slide and dual-slide operations, and is designed to enable the use of two conformal coating applicators


Dual-Action Dispensing

Dual-Action Dispensing Nordson ASYMTEK's Dual-Action Dispensing enables dispensing of two fluids with a combination of jets and valves operating independently


Dual-Simultaneous Bracket

Dual-Simultaneous Bracket With Nordson ASYMTEK's Dual-Simultaneous Bracket (manual or motorized pitch adjustment) the Select Coat® conformal coating system can be equipped with two of the same applicators that operate…


Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing

Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing Two jets, pumps or valves can cut dispense time in half with Nordson ASYMTEK's Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing


EasyCoat 6 Software

EasyCoat 6 Software Nordson ASYMTEK's EasyCoat® 6 software delivers intuitive visual programming


EasyMelt® Injection Molding Screw

EasyMelt® Injection Molding Screw The Xaloy® EasyMelt® injection molding screw is a multi-purpose screw combining the simplicity and economy of a conventional three-zone screw with the productivity and quality benefits of optimum…

Polymer Processing Systems

EcoMax Manual Powder Coating Booth

EcoMax Manual Powder Coating Booth A range of compact, free-standing manual spray booths with cartridge recovery systems. Ideal solution from small batch to conveyorized production.

Industrial Coating Systems

Econo-Coat® Powder Coating Booths

Econo-Coat® Powder Coating Booths Compact Econo-Coat® powder spray booths and recovery systems are perfect for batch powder coating small- to medium-sized parts.

Industrial Coating Systems

Efficient™ Extrusion Screw

Efficient™ Extrusion Screw The Xaloy® Efficient™ barrier screw design was one of the first patented screw designs in the history of plasticating screw technology.

Polymer Processing Systems

ELCee® Injection Molding Screw

ELCee® Injection Molding Screw The Xaloy® ELCee® injection molding screw is a high performance, single-flighted screw, designed for pre-compounded resins.

Polymer Processing Systems

Eliminator® Nozzle Tips

Eliminator® Nozzle Tips The Xaloy® Eliminator® nozzle tip features a universal design for easy installation.

Polymer Processing Systems

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