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Lighting & LED Industry Solutions

Support your production line with critical components for lighting manufacturers and the LED industry at Nordson

Lighting and LED manufacturers are constantly striving for innovation in their products. Nordson is keenly aware of the manufacturing needs of the light industry and has designed components and full systems to exceed standards for safety, efficiency and quality. We make it easy to integrate our equipment into product lines to help light manufacturing companies improve their production capabilities while saving on costs. Whether you need high-speed jets and encapsulation equipment for electronics assembly, precision applicators for adhesive and powder coatings, or faster, more efficient UV curing systems, our solutions for LED and lighting manufacturers can help. Contact us to learn more about our products or speak with a division representative.

Highlighted products and solutions for the LED and light manufacturing industry include:

Nordson ASYMTEK automated dispense systems and Nordson EFD semi-automated systems for silicone phosphor cavity encapsulation and packaging assembly material dispensing.

Nordson MARCH plasma treatment equipment for encapsulation & molding, die attach, and wire bonding in light manufacturing.

Nordson DAGE bondtesters and x-ray equipment for testing and inspection.

Nordson powder coating and related products for indoor and outdoor light fixture coating, painting and assembly.

Vantage® FCM Powder Coating Spray Booth

Vantage® FCM Powder Coating Spray Booth A fixed collector module (FCM) powder spray booth that combines proven performance in a cost-effective design, making it ideal for job shops, start-up operations or to expand existing production…

Industrial Coating Systems

Vantage® RCM Powder Coating Booth

Vantage® RCM Powder Coating Booth Removable collector module (RCM) powder spray booth - an economical solution for basic powder coating operations requiring reclaim capability in continuous production situations.

Industrial Coating Systems

Viscosity Control System

Viscosity Control System Nordson ASYMTEK's Viscosity Control System provides close-range temperature monitoring that reduces viscosity fluctuations and keeps the coating process consistent and stable


Vision Systems

Vision Systems Nordson DAGE offers a range of powerful optical solutions for bondtesting and micro materials testing, featuring imaging systems for failure mode analysis, alignment and live recording of tests.

Nordson DAGE

V-Mixer™ Injection Molding Screw

V-Mixer™ Injection Molding Screw The Xaloy® V-Mixer™ screw with its proprietary "pump-through" mixing design generates localized high and low shear areas with low mixer pressure drop.

Polymer Processing Systems

X-8000™ Encapsulated Screw

X-8000™ Encapsulated Screw The Xaloy® X-8000™ coating is a thermal spray coating applied to the screw. This material complements Nordson’s high abrasive resistant Xaloy X-830® overlay and is well suited for processing highly…

Polymer Processing Systems

XD7800NT Ruby XL

XD7800NT Ruby XL The Solution for Large Board Applications

Nordson DAGE

X-Plane System Option

X-Plane System Option Watch the video to find out more about X-Plane System option. 

Nordson DAGE

Z-Mixer™ Injection Molding Screw

Z-Mixer™ Injection Molding Screw The Xaloy® Z-Mixer™ screw is an excellent dispersive mixing screw for resins with color or additive packages. Its proprietary geometry utilizes mechanical potential in the melt stream to efficiently…

Polymer Processing Systems

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