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Filter Manufacturing Equipment

Find products for filtration applications as well as making filters at Nordson

At Nordson, we design high-quality dispensers, pumps, spray guns and molding screws for industrial filter manufacturing. Making filters requires manufacturing equipment that is precise, and with our automatic and manual adhesive dispenser options, you’ll be assured of accuracy as well as added speed and efficiency. The versatility of our filter manufacturing equipment also makes it easy to work with different materials, streamlining the process further. 

Nordson also produces essential equipment for filtration applications within other systems. If you need to incorporate industrial filters into your manufacturing, you’ll find high-pressure fluid filters, cartridge filters, recycling filters and more. Search our selection of filter manufacturing equipment and filtration applications, then contact us to build a tailored solution for your business.

Highlighted solutions for industrial filter manufacturing:

Adhesive dispensing equipment for making consistent, high-quality filters: As the media, frames and housings used in filter manufacturing encompass a wide variety of substrates, including plastics, metals and paper, an array of dispensed materials is needed for a finished filter. Nordson equipment can help you manage whatever your system requires.

Encore® Modular Gun Control System

Encore® Modular Gun Control System The Encore® Modular Gun Control System is all digital and easy-to-use – for reliable and repeatable performance in automatic powder coating operations.

Industrial Coating Systems

Encore® Powder Pump

Encore® Powder Pump The compact, highly efficient Encore pump delivers more powder to the part for higher first-pass transfer efficiency.

Industrial Coating Systems

Encore™ Powder Feed Center

Encore™ Powder Feed Center The Encore™ Powder Feed Center offers fast color change in a simple, compact and easy-to-operate system.

Industrial Coating Systems

EP 11 Slot Applicators

EP 11 Slot Applicators High-quality intermittent coating with precise adhesive cutoff and control

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

EX Hot Melt Adhesive Extruders

EX Hot Melt Adhesive Extruders Application flexibility for a range of processing temperatures and pressures

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Excel 2000® Powder Coating Spray Booth

Excel 2000® Powder Coating Spray Booth The Excel 2000® powder coating booth facilitates uniform, constant air flow for more efficient powder recovery, enhanced collector efficiency and superior part coverage.

Industrial Coating Systems

Excel 3000® Powder Coating System

Excel 3000® Powder Coating System The Excel 3000® powder coating booth has a compact, modular and durable design, with a shorter booth base for flexible location of automatic and manual gun stations.        

Industrial Coating Systems

Extrusion Barrels

Extrusion Barrels Xaloy® bimetallic extrusion barrels are produced to the highest quality standards. Nordson offers the most innovative wear resistant packages for optimized processes, performance and quality.

Polymer Processing Systems

Fluidized Feed Hoppers for Powder Coating

Fluidized Feed Hoppers for Powder Coating Fluidized stainless steel powder feed hoppers for use in powder coating spray applications,range of sizes available

Industrial Coating Systems

FoamMelt® Dispensing System

FoamMelt® Dispensing System Provides high-volume dispensing of foamed hot melt materials for a variety of bonding, sealing, gluing and gasketing applications

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

FS10-R30 Flame Detector for Powder Coating

FS10-R30 Flame Detector for Powder Coating The FS10-R30 provides advanced, reliable fire detection, monitoring and process shutdown capability in powder coating operations.

Industrial Coating Systems

FTR™ Valves

FTR™ Valves The Xaloy® FTR™ valve is a three-piece non-return valve, and is considered the best RPVC three-piece valve available.

Polymer Processing Systems

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