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Chemical Management Systems & Processing Equipment

Find chemical management and processing equipment solutions from Nordson

Nordson understands that laboratory and industrial environments need the highest quality chemical management systems. With years of experience designing and manufacturing industrial products, Nordson offers a wide variety of chemical management solutions to help you improve the safety and productivity of your processes. Our chemical processing equipment includes high-efficiency pelletizers, disposable and reusable two component (2K) mixers that reduce material waste, and cartridges that accurately dispense chemicals. Browse solutions below and contact us for more information about how our equipment can be integrated into your chemical product manufacturing. We can help you choose the right equipment for your business needs. 

Nordson highlighted chemical management solutions include:

Polymer processing products for compounding and pelletizing.  Screen changers, screws, barrels, pumps and more. 

Plastic valves, connectors, stopcocks, tubing and related single use components for chemical and fluid management.

Two component (2K) mixers and related chemical processing equipment.  

Pelletizers Type Compact

Pelletizers Type Compact BKG® compact pelletizers are suitable for throughputs up to 2,500 kg/hr (5,500 lb/hr).

Polymer Processing Systems

Polygon Automatic Water Filtration System

Polygon Automatic Water Filtration System The BKG® Polygon™ water filtration system is an automated, self-cleaning, tempered water system.

Polymer Processing Systems

Polymer Diverter Valve

Polymer Diverter Valve The polymer diverter valve consists of a heated housing and hydraulically movable piston and is used in underwater pelletizing.

Polymer Processing Systems

Rhino® VE Bulk Unloader

Rhino® VE Bulk Unloader The Rhino® VE bulk unloader is designed for dispensing high viscosity, ambient temperature adhesives and sealants.

Industrial Coating Systems

Roof Ditch Applicator

Roof Ditch Applicator Robot end of arm mounted dispense valve with tooling for vision control

Industrial Coating Systems


Screens The use of quality screens from Nordson results in savings in your downstream process, including shortened lead times and decreased costs.

Polymer Processing Systems


Smart-Gun The Smart Gun has three (3) individually selected dispense tips to dispense the right bead profile

Industrial Coating Systems

SmartHeat™ Coating

SmartHeat™ Coating The Xaloy SmartHeat™ Coating is an innovative heater coating where plasma is sprayed to the barrel, which virtually eliminates melt-stream energy losses, ensures uniform heating and provides…

Polymer Processing Systems

SmartHeat™ Coating for Melt Pipes

SmartHeat™ Coating for Melt Pipes The Xaloy® SmartHeat™ Coating for melt pipes is a new heater coating allowing tight process control for improved product quality.

Polymer Processing Systems

SmartHeat™ Coating for Nozzles

SmartHeat™ Coating for Nozzles The Xaloy® SmartHeat™ Coating for nozzles features an innovative heater coating around the entire nozzle for increased yield and minimized downtime.              

Polymer Processing Systems

Steadi-Mix 2K Compact Motorized Power Mixer

Steadi-Mix 2K Compact Motorized Power Mixer Easy-to-clean design provides adjustable mix capabilities and optimized flow paths for pressure-sensitive material mixing.


Super Plates

Super Plates Using a super plate in a screen changer allows the utilization of the total screen area; not just the open area of the breaker plate borings.

Polymer Processing Systems

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