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Appliance Manufacturing Industry

Find industrial appliance manufacturing equipment at Nordson

Discover efficiencies in how you manufacture appliances with tools and equipment from Nordson. Our industrial appliance manufacturing equipment is designed to help you save time while building durable, long-lasting appliances – even cutting the time it takes to do some processes in half. Apply sealants and adhesives quickly and accurately with our dispensing systems, or utilize our coating systems to add finishes to your appliances. No matter the process, we offer user-friendly industrial appliance tools that maximize efficiency. Browse our large selection of appliance manufacturing parts or contact us to learn more. We can help you find a customized solution that works best for your business. 

Nordson highlighted products and solutions for manufacturing appliances include:

Powder coating equipment for durable and aesthetically appealing finishes.

Hot melt adhesive and sealant dispensing systems to bond, insulate and seal appliance manufacturing components including exterior cabinets, internal liners and electrical and mechanical equipment.

2K u-TAH® Universal Cartridge

2K u-TAH® Universal Cartridge The breakthrough, two-component u-TAH Universal Cartridge looks identical to standard caulking cartridges, yet delivers the most effective, highest quality dispensing in the industry.

Nordson EFD

2-Part Static Mixers

2-Part Static Mixers Best-in-class disposable static mixers deliver complete and thorough mixing for a wide variety of 2-part materials.


396 1-Part No-Drip Series

396 1-Part No-Drip Series Single ball and seat, piston actuated fluid control valve for 1-part materials


3-Axis E Series Automated Fluid Dispensing Robot

3-Axis E Series Automated Fluid Dispensing Robot The E Series automated fluid dispensing system features a simple-to-use Teach Pendant for programming.

Nordson EFD

3-Axis EV Series Automated Fluid Dispensing Robot

3-Axis EV Series Automated Fluid Dispensing Robot The EV Series automated fluid dispensing system features vision-guided software and delivers easy automation for precise fluid placement with a simple vision pencil camera.

Nordson EFD

3-Axis GV Series Automated Fluid Dispensing Robot

3-Axis GV Series Automated Fluid Dispensing Robot The GV Series gantry automated fluid dispensing system features unlimited workpiece payloads for limitless application opportunities.

Nordson EFD

3-Axis PROPlus / PRO Series Automated Fluid Dispensing Robot

3-Axis PROPlus / PRO Series Automated Fluid Dispensing Robot The vision-guided PROPlus / PRO Series is Nordson EFD's most advanced automated dispensing system, designed and configured for precision and simplified usability.

Nordson EFD

4000 Multipurpose Bondtester

4000 Multipurpose Bondtester The 4000 bondtester is multipurpose, capable of performing all pull and shear applications. The 4000 bondtester can be configured as a simple wire pull tester and upgraded to provide ball shear, die…

Nordson DAGE

4000 Optima Bondtester

4000 Optima Bondtester The fastest and most accurate bondtester. The Nordson DAGE 4000 Optima is optimized for fast, accurate and reliable bond testing in the volume manufacturing environment.  The combination of patented…

Nordson DAGE

4000HS High Speed Bondtester

4000HS High Speed Bondtester The Nordson DAGE 4000HS bondtester is based upon the industry standard Nordson DAGE 4000 multi-purpose bondtester platform. The 4000HS has significant differences to the mode of operation for both…

Nordson DAGE

4000Plus Bondtester

4000Plus Bondtester The second generation Nordson DAGE 4000Plus is the most advanced bondtester on the market.  Representing the best-in-class, the 4000Plus bondtester sets the industry standard in bond testing offering…

Nordson DAGE

401 1-Part Micro-Meter

401 1-Part Micro-Meter Servo motor drive, positive rod displacement material dispense system


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