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H.N. Jayasimha

Senior Sales Manager, South Asia Adhesives

Every day, I experience a thrill of finding solutions which others can’t find. 

Why did you consider working for Nordson?

I heard about a vacancy here from a friend and I decided to look up the company. Even with the little that I initially saw, I was very impressed. It was – and still is – easy to see that Nordson is a leader across many lines of business.  

I began my career at Nordson in several years ago at the Delhi office. I was employed as the Regional Sales Manager for the Industrial Coatings division there and I had to develop the Nordson market from scratch. 

In early 2010, I learned of a position here in Bangalore and I jumped at the opportunity to move back home. I am now the Regional Sales Manager for the Adhesives division.  

How would you describe your experience of working at Nordson?

Work is never boring here; it’s never the same. We are constantly faced with challenging applications that require creative solutions. Thankfully, this doesn’t allow for monotony to settle in. Every day, I experience a thrill of finding solutions which others can’t find. 

For me, one of the best things about working at Nordson is the cohesive team I work with. The people here are exceptionally professional. I also enjoy a great deal of freedom to exercise my discretion. The company displays a lot of faith in its employees.  

What, would you say, sets Nordson apart from other companies in its field?

The people working here are the ones who really make the company. Besides that, I would say its professionalism, and ability to always deliver what it promises. The Nordson brand is what you would call an “aspirational brand”.  I take pride in reestablishing, time and again, our customers’ confidence in Nordson’s technology, especially for critical applications. I really believe that Nordson will venture where others wouldn’t dare. Because of this, the company has seen phenomenal growth over the last few years.

Are there any favourite moments you treasure from your time here?

It’s difficult to pin down a favourite. We have certainly had our share of fun here. There was… one time when we all got together with our families at a party and everybody participated very enthusiastically in an impromptu music session. That really brought the whole crowd together in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. Yes, I would say that that memory stands out for me.

What are your interests outside of work?

I enjoy reading; particularly books that are philosophy-based. J. Krishnamurthy is one author I really enjoy.

Rahul Chowdhury

Project Manager Software Development

I’m a Crazy Guy… But Don’t Put That In Okay? 

Rahul  Chowdhury’s story is in many ways the story of Nordson India’s growth in the new millennium. This Assistant Manager takes a break at Nordson India’s Bangalore headquarters to talk about the journey and the way ahead. 

You’ve seen the company through some exciting times…

Nordson India created this embedded systems development team in 2000, so I missed just three years of the action. I’ve watched our team grow from the point when we were just two software engineers and one hardware engineer!

In fact it wasn’t until 2003 that we really took off. It was then that Nordson Corporation in the U.S. started giving us big development projects. I was lucky to be there for the first challenging project they gave us, which was to develop software for the Prodigy™ line of products. It was a big responsibility and I believe we lived up to the confidence they had in us. From there on it’s been go.

What has the experience been like?

I’m lucky to work here. The work is challenging, and the best thing is you handle a whole project as a team, instead of doing just a piece of the work – so we really feel that it’s ‘our’ product. I’ve only worked at one company before I came here, so I can’t really make any comparisons. But everyone’s really friendly here and we have amazing managers. You can freak out with them but at the same time they command respect.   

And I’m lucky because unlike most software engineers I don’t have a B.Tech.; I’m from a B. Sc. background. I had applied to other companies but was rejected for that reason. Maybe ten years down the line, employers will be more inclusive in terms of educational backgrounds. But Nordson India is ahead of the game. Here you’ll find people with diverse backgrounds, and they all deliver results. Here, one’s background is secondary to the company’s assessment on one’s ability to perform.

How would you describe the working environment?  Relaxed, enjoyable…?

I won’t say the working environment is relaxed. Everyone has stretch goals, so we’re all intensely focused on our work. There has to be some degree of professionalism in every company. Personally, I get excited when there’s a problem with some software, when there’s some tension and when I’m immersed in how we can fix it. I don’t like it when everything’s going too well. I’m a crazy guy… but don’t put that in, okay?

But it’s a great environment. When I first came here, I wanted to understand the industry. My colleagues and managers spent a lot of time telling me everything I wanted to know. I’ve always been reserved but my colleagues helped me get over that a lot. We’ve had some great times together.

What do you do away from the office?

Our working hours allow us to balance work and life. I read a lot – mostly mysteries, biographies… Right now I’m reading Nehru’s Discovery of India. I also sing in our church choir and in a choir called Symphonia, which gives frequent weekend concerts.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

I don’t see myself being a programmer for a long time. I’d like to be more than just a technical guy. I know that’s not something you expect to hear from a software engineer!  I only know a couple of programming languages and they won’t be in use forever. But I’ll always be a programmer at heart! But the company is growing. 

Let’s see, maybe there’ll be some other area where I can continue to be useful. If you look at Nordson India over the last ten years, we’ve done all the right things. As the leader in precision dispensing equipment we take the right technology to the right people. To the best of my knowledge, no other multinational company in our business has an embedded development team here in India.

That’s an important thing we’ve done: it enables us deliver cutting edge products and services more competitively than others. The time difference also helps, because it means that between Nordson Corporation in the U.S. and our team here, we’re working 24 hours a day.   That’s the kind of company I can see myself working with!  We take our work seriously… but we know how to have a good time, too.

Shivakumar Math

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

It feels good to work for a company that is known for excellence in its field.

Shivakumar Math, a Quality Assurance Engineer, has been with Nordson since 2005, when he joined as a Junior Engineer.  His eyes light up as he describes his experience at Nordson, thus far.

How did you come to join Nordson?

I was working as an Assistant Technician for two years at CMT when I heard about an opening here through a job consultancy. I jumped at the chance because I could tell this was a company that was doing - and would continue to do – well. I’m part of the Quality Assurance team here and we’re responsible for the inspection of the products and individual parts. We’re involved in every aspect of the process, starting with the raw materials and ending with the finished part.

What’s a typical workday like for you?

Very briefly, an average day is divided between testing activity, invoice clearance, format preparation and preparing test and inspection reports. I also create in-process inspection reports and flowcharts for the manufacturing process. In addition to this, I communicate requirements for drawing modifications to the Design department. Twice or thrice a week, I work in the field with the vendors. My roles and responsibilities are very clear and I rely on quick responses from all the concerned departments. 

Is all your work routine?

I would say that there’s a 60:40 ratio between new, challenging assignments and routine work. I would say that’s a pretty good balance. There’s always room for growth.

How would you describe your experience thus far?

The work environment is extremely professional. Everyone here pulls their weight and things get done in an incredibly efficient manner. At the same time, the people are friendly and know how to have fun!

It feels good to work for a company that is known for excellence in its field. I believe our global presence is a force to be reckoned with. Our products are quite unique! And they span an impressive range as well.

You said you’ve had some fun times with your colleagues…

Yes! In 2006 the company organized a 3-day sales meet in Mysore. In addition to seminars, we had games and team-building activities. That was a really good trip. Recently, the whole office went bowling and had dinner out together. The table tennis games after lunch are also very entertaining. We even organized a table tennis tournament last year! Almost everyone, from junior employees to the managers, participated. [Laughs] We made quite a big thing out of it.

What do you do in your free time?

The regular working hours give me plenty of time to pursue other interests. I play table tennis and I read a lot. Oh, and over the weekends, I like to go trekking.

What are your plans now?

Well, I began as a Junior Engineer and now I work as a Quality Assurance Engineer. I’m looking forward to becoming a Senior Engineer. As I said earlier, it’s a thoroughly professional place to work in. The company is growing and there will be many new jobs, many new opportunities for personal development.