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Semiconductor Packaging

Nordson YESTECH is a leading global provider of Automated Optical Inspection and high-resolution X-ray inspection systems. The full line of inspection systems offers cost-effective, integrated yield enhancement solutions for the advanced semiconductor packaging market.

Small, high-density semiconductor integrated-chip (IC) packaging, such as ball-grid arrays (BGAs), has gained widespread developer acceptance because it enables increased device performance and printed circuit board (PCB) size reduction and introduces acceptance inspection complications. Because the ICs in these packages have hidden solder joints, automated optical inspection (AOI) alone is no longer sufficient to ensure solder integrity. Accordingly, manufacturers have incorporated X-ray inspection systems to check area-array and IC components.

By combining AOI and X-ray imaging technologies, chip manufacturers, system assemblers and developers can reap the benefits of both without sacrificing operational throughput or test time. The result is an integrated test system that cost-effectively inspects assembled PCBs.