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PCB Assembly

Nordson YESTECH is a leading global provider of automated optical PCB inspection systems. The full line of inspection systems offers cost-effective, integrated yield enhancement solutions for the PCB assemblies market.

Manufacturers of advanced PCB assemblies equipment know that simultaneously producing cost-competitive products and meeting the quality expectations of customers are vital to their success. Driven by advancing board complexities and the desire to improve yields by effectively using real-time process information, manufacturers utilize the effectiveness of AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), Conformal Coat and SPI inspection PCB equipment technologies.

AOI PCB systems are essential in PCB production because they perform fast, repeatable, and accurate inspections, find and identify defects before in-circuit or final testing, reduce production costs and improve quality. But AOI PCB systems can analyze only visible features. With the advent of BGAs, micro-BGAs, chip-scale packages (CSPs), flip chips and other hidden-connection devices, component and board manufacturers also utilize X-ray systems (from Nordson DAGE and Nordson MATRIX) to analyze the critical solder joints of these new-generation packages.

AOI, combined with Conformal Coat and SPI inspection, are the best technologies for identifying the PCB shorts, PCB voids, opens, misalignments and solder integrity of area-array chip packages.