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The Nordson YESTECH line of AOI automotive test machine systems provide a variety of inspection solutions that are ideally suited to meet the demands of the automotive industry.

Automotive and other high reliability applications require critical inspection and automotive component testing to ensure safety for consumers. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Conformal Coat and Solder Paste Inspection electronics testing offer non-invasive inspection solutions that provide real time process data for effective defect detection and yield improvement. 

AOI is a key inspection solution for automotive test machine applications. For those ECUs (Electronic Control Units) that have limited electric access, AOI is the most cost effective way to inspect for process faults. As automotive ECUs usually have a large percentage of higher power components (relays, coils, etc.), camera height and the ability to focus on both large and small components on the same ECU is important.

In addition, the issues of warranty and liability are driving the industry to also utilize automated X-Ray inspection (from Nordson DAGE and Nordson MATRIX) as part of the automotive electronics testing strategy. As BGAs are seen in greater numbers, the ability to verify the integrity of the solder connections is critical, especially with ECUs that are involved in the area of safety ─ such as ABS brakes, airbag controllers, active safety control and “X by Wire”, where steering and braking is controlled completely by electronics, making these tests extremely critical.

Nordson YESTECH's AOI solutions provide a vital inspection capability, allowing for a wide range of inspection tasks from faults at a component level to the non-destructive testing of potted assemblies.