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About us

Nordson YESTECH is a leading provider of automated optical inspection equipment for printed circuit board and semiconductor packages. 

Nordson YESTECH is a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced automated optical (AOI) inspection solutions for the PCBA and advanced semiconductor packaging industries. Our customers use our products to inspect for correct assembly, enhance yields and lower costs.

Most of the largest EMC’s and ODM’s across the globe are one of our more than 800 customers. Our major customers include Sanmina, Bose, Celestica, Benchmark Electronics, Lockheed Martin and Panasonic. Our solutions are used in a variety of markets including computer, automotive, medical, consumer, aerospace and industrial. During the last two decades, growth in these markets has increased demand for advanced electronic devices and led to increasing challenges in the design, production and inspection of PCB’s and semiconductor packages. Nordson YESTECH’s yield enhancements solutions are designed to meet these challenges with new and cost effective inspection technologies.