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In-Process Flux Verification

Ensures Improved Consistency and Process Control for Drop-Jet Fluxing

Features and Benefits

- Closed-loop system ensures true no-clean processing since flux is mitigated by solder nozzle without residue or ionic contamination

- Compatible with FluxJet precision drop-jet flux dispenser to verify accuracy of flux application

- Verification technology is based on precision fiber optics with controls to check the size and accuracy of the flux droplets

- Modular design allows for easy servicing providing fully maintainable and serviceable production environment

- Ideal for micro flux deposition of flux to small solder sites with unparalleled accuracy and minimal flux consumption

- Compatible with Novo® 102, 103, Cerno® 102IL, 103IL, 105IL, Integra® 103ILD and Flux & Preheat models

Overview. The In-Process Flux Verification is designed to ensure the drop-jet dispenser is producing a narrow flux deposition pattern with minimal deflection of flux droplets. This process check ensures that flux satellites do not occur if deflected in the event of a partially clogged drop-jet orifice which can compromise no-clean processing.

The SWAK-OS 4.0 software integrated with the InProcess Flux Verification control module provides the necessary drop frequency control of the drop-jet dispenser to ensure true no-clean processing.

Integrated Solution. The In-Process Flux Verification system fully integrates with closed-loop process controls contained in Nordson SELECT’s SWAK-OS 4.0 software providing seamless operation for your selective soldering process. Nordson SELECT’s closed-loop process controls enable successful results for a full range of soldering applications and ensures stable and repeatable results for high-yield production.

Experience. With over a decade of selective soldering experience and more than a thousand systems currently in production, Nordson SELECT is committed to providing innovative solutions for all selective soldering needs.  Our global support network, including state-of-the-art application development labs, provides customers with world class know-how and application expertise.