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Nitrogen De-bridging Knife

Enables Defect Free Fine-Pitch Selective Soldering 

Features and Benefits

- Uses precision jet of nitrogen aimed at trailing edge of solder nozzle to eliminate unwanted solder bridges

- Jet is adjustable and can rotate around solder nozzle to better execute solder de-bridging

- Ideal to prevent solder bridging when selective soldering 50-mil or 40-mil micro-connectors or fine-pitch ribbon connectors

- Includes full array of interchangeable jet tips to match to the corresponding size of available bullet nozzles

- Available on all Novo® 102, 103, Cerno® 102IL, 103IL, 105IL and Integra® 103ILD soldering machines


The Nitrogen De-Bridging Knife is designed to ensure bridge free soldering when selective soldering fine-pitch devices such as micro connectors or ribbon connectors. By applying a quick burst of nitrogen to the trailing edge of the solder nozzle, excess solder is forced back into the wave at precisely the right time.  Fine pitch devices with lead spacing of less than .025” or recessed solder joints that are difficult to naturally peel-off commonly form solder bridges. These applications all benefit tremendously from the use of the Nitrogen De-Bridging Knife to improve quality and minimize manual rework and repair. 

Integrated Solution

The Nitrogen De-Bridging Knife fully integrates with closed-loop process controls contained in Nordson SELECT’s SWAKOS 4.0 software providing seamless operation for your selective soldering process.  Nordson SELECT’s closed-loop process controls enable successful results for a full range of soldering applications and ensures stable and repeatable results for high-yield production.


With over a decade of selective soldering experience and more than a thousand systems currently in production, Nordson SELECT is committed to providing innovative solutions for all selective soldering needs.  Our global support network, including state-of-the-art application development labs, provides customers with world class know-how and application expertise.