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Board Warp Compensation

Improved Soldering Consistency and Process Control 

Features and Benefits

- Measures board warpage and deflection should circuit board sag during preheating

- The system is unaffected by cutouts, slots or solder mask reflectivity common with laser based warpage detection systems

- Easy setup significantly minimizes operator interface reducing the possibility of human error and shortening programming time

- Board warp compensation system requires minimal preventative maintenance unlike some labor-intensive laser based systems

- Compatible with Novo® 102, 103, Cerno® 102IL, 103IL, 105IL, Integra® 103ILD and Flux & Preheat models


The Board Warp Compensation system is designed to measure Z-axis deflection and develop an offset value algorithm.  During production the solder nozzle incrementally reduces the Z-axis height as it nears the lowest area of the circuit board to ensure consistency of solder nozzle contact with the printed circuit board. Data from the Board Warp Compensation system is input into the SWAK-OS 4.0 software which automatically adjusts Z-axis program values compensating for any board deflection.

Integrated Solution

The Board Warp Compensation function fully integrates with closed-loop process controls contained in Nordson SELECT’s SWAK-OS 4.0 software providing seamless operation for your selective soldering process.  Nordson SELECT’s closed-loop process controls enable successful results for a full range of soldering applications and ensures stable and repeatable results for high-yield production.


With over a decade of selective soldering experience and more than a thousand systems currently in production, Nordson SELECT is committed to providing innovative solutions for all selective soldering needs.  Our global support network, including state-of-the-art application development labs, provides customers with worldclass know-how and application expertise.