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2Segment Configuration

 Some Nordson SELECT machines can be configured with a 2segment roller conveyor that provides a high degree of flexibility and throughput.  These 2segment models can be operated in any of…

75 mm Wave Solder Nozzle and Pump

The 75 mm Wave Solder Nozzle and Pump assembly provides an economical solution for updating legacy tin-lead wave soldering applications to lead-free while eliminating the potential cost of purchasing…

Auto Nozzle Tinning

The Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning System fully integrates with closed-loop process controls

1D, 2D, and QR Barcode Reader

Reads 1D, 2D and QR barcodes mounted on either printed circuit board or PCB carrier. Used where multiple versions of similar PCBs or those with variations in component mix are processed in mixed lots.

Board Warp Compensation

Measures board warpage and deflection should circuit board sag during preheating. Board warp compensation system requires minimal preventative maintenance unlike some labor-intensive laser based…

2D and 3D Barcode Reader

Reads both 2D and 3D barcodes mounted on either printed circuit board or PCB frame.

Board Warp Sensing

 The Board Warp Sensing system measures the height differences of a printed circuit board assembly as it is preheated and calculates the downward deflection.

Closed Loop In Process Flux Verification

In-process closed-loop system verification ensures flux is mitigated by solder nozzle without residue or ionic contamination. Fully compatible with MicroDrop drop-jet flux dispenser to verify…

ControlFlow Solder Nozzles

ControlFlow nozzles greatly reduce dross creation and eliminate formation of solder balls during the selective soldering process.

Bullet and Mini-Wave Solder Nozzle

The Bullet and Mini-Wave Solder Nozzles are fully compatible with all Nordson SELECT machines and ensure optimum results for your selective soldering process.

Nitrogen De-bridging Knife

The Nitrogen De-Bridging Knife is designed to ensure bridge free soldering when selective soldering fine-pitch devices such as micro connectors or ribbon connectors.

FluxJet Precision Drop-Jet Dispenser

The FluxJet Precision Drop-Jet Flux Dispenser is designed to control and dispense single drops of flux or a continuous flux pattern as small as 2 mm wide ideal for single terminations close to…