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Bullet and Mini-Wave Solder Nozzle

The Bullet and Mini-Wave Solder Nozzles are fully compatible with all Nordson SELECT machines and ensure optimum results for your selective soldering process.

FluxJet Precision Drop-Jet Dispenser

The FluxJet Precision Drop-Jet Flux Dispenser is designed to control and dispense single drops of flux or a continuous flux pattern as small as 2 mm wide ideal for single terminations close to…

In-Process Flux Verification

In-Process Flux Verification technology is based on precision fiber optics with controls to check the size and accuracy of the flux droplets.

Atomizing Spray Flux Applicator

The Atomizing Spray Flux Applicator is designed for low-volume, low-pressure application of liquid flux with high transfer efficiency and minimal overspray or airborne mist.

SWAK-OS 4.0 Software

SWAK-OS 4.0 is a state-of-the-art programming and editing software that enables graphic monitoring of selective soldering programs.

Infrared Preheating

The Topside Infrared Preheater is designed to maintain the temperature of a PCB during the soldering process significantly improving solder quality.  This is particularly important with long…

Board Warp Compensation

Measures board warpage and deflection should circuit board sag during preheating. Board warp compensation system requires minimal preventative maintenance unlike some labor-intensive laser based…

Auto Nozzle Tinning

The Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning System fully integrates with closed-loop process controls

Dual Solder Nozzle Pot and Pump

The Dual Solder Nozzle Pot and Pump assembly allows single pass soldering of printed circuit boards with a diverse array of different size components for greater process flexibility.

75 mm Wave Solder Nozzle and Pump

The 75 mm Wave Solder Nozzle and Pump assembly provides an economical solution for updating legacy tin-lead wave soldering applications to lead-free while eliminating the potential cost of purchasing…

Solder Pot Exchange and Service Cart

The Solder Pot Exchange and Service Cart can be used for servicing solder pots or for rapid exchange of solder pots with different solder alloys.

Nitrogen De-bridging Knife

The Nitrogen De-Bridging Knife is designed to ensure bridge free soldering when selective soldering fine-pitch devices such as micro connectors or ribbon connectors.