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X-Ray Solder Joint inspection

Nordson DAGE

Nordson DAGE, the leaders in X-ray inspection for the electronics industry offers the highest feature recognition and resolution  X-ray systems not only within failure analysis laboratories but also within the production environment. It is now proud to launch its 4th generation, ultra-high resolution,  off-line X-ray systems - the Quadra™ Series.

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Nordson MATRIX

Matrix Technologies GmbH is a global supplier of high-speed Automated Inline X-ray Inspection systems (AXI) and semi-automated X-ray Inspection systems to ensure the quality of critical electronic devices/components and electronic printed circuit boards manufactured by its customers. In addition, Matrix supplies manual, semi-automated and automated inspection solutions for non-destructive testing (NDT) of other non-electronic materials, such as casting or medical parts, by using X-ray or computer tomography (CT) technology. Matrix is a unit of Nordson Corporation (NASDAQ: NDSN), which includes the Nordson DAGE and Nordson YESTECH families of test and inspection products.

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