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Process Troubleshooting

Selective soldering is an established through-hole soldering technology however in certain situations some of the process parameters may not be fully optimized. These informative technical materials are designed to guide users through a methodology of how to improve the flexibility, reliability and quality provided by the selective soldering process.

The purpose of the Nordson SELECT Selective Soldering Process Manual is to describe soldering variables to serve as guidance to enhance the flexibility, reliability and quality provided by selective soldering equipment. The guidelines expressed in this document are intended to be general in nature and are influenced by the design aspects of printed circuit boards, thermal mass of through-hole components, various flux chemistries, different solder alloys and individual selective soldering machine configurations.

The purpose of the Nordson SELECT TH Soldering Troubleshooting Guideline is to provide a cause and effect matrix of through-hole soldering process parameters that have a direct bearing on the quality of solder joint formation. Critical factors directly affecting solder joint quality include process parameters, printed circuit board assembly, board fabrication techniques, and board design.

Improving the solder quality and first pass yield of a given printed circuit board assembly entails a series of enhancements to the process, assembly, fabrication and design attributes affecting a printed circuit board assembly. To this extent process materials, printed circuit boards and components must conform to industry standards and accepted best practices. Nordson SELECT is therefore not responsible for any non-conformance of these materials which are outside of their control.