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In-line Flux and Preheat

The Flux & Preheat Module is SMEMA compatible and provides concurrent fluxing and preheating for any Nordson SELECT in-line selective soldering system. This Flux & Preheat module greatly increases throughput and reduce cycle time with concurrent processing

Features and Benefits

  • In-line fluxing and preheating of printed circuit boards up to 610 x 457 mm (24.0 x 18.0 in.)
  • Concurrent fluxing and preheating increases throughput and reduces processing time
  • Precision atomizing spray flux applicator or drop-jet flux dispenser for processing a wide range of various flux chemistries
  • Topside infrared preheating during fluxing or topside and bottom-side infrared preheat after fluxing with controlled ramp rate
  • SMEMA edge conveyor with program width adjustment for easy pairing with Nordson SELECT in-line selective soldering systems

Process Control

With automatic two-point fiducial correction and step-and-repeat capability in both X and Y directions, these Flux & Preheat modules can flux multiple boards within multi-up panels. Topside and bottom-side preheating with closed-loop process control reduces thermal stress.

Flux and preheat module paired with in-line selective soldering system


The use of a Flux & Preheat module enables simultaneous fluxing, preheating and soldering of three or four printed circuit boards at the same time optimizing throughput and increasing productivity. When paired with a Nordson SELECT in-line soldering system, the Flux & Preheat module is automatically controlled by the SWAK-OS 4.0 software of the in-line selective soldering system that optimizes and balances both systems.

Process Control

Nordson SELECT’s closed-loop rotary encoders and other advanced process control capabilities have been incorporated into the Flux & Preheat module, enhancing solder quality, precision and yield capabilities.


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