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Nordson SELECT…The Selective Soldering Specialists

About Us

Our core business is selective soldering. With a combined 25 years of experience in electronics manufacturing, our proven products are tailored by our highly experienced and devoted team to perform flawlessly. Nordson SELECT soldering systems are innovative by design and our team is committed to tackling the new challenges and needs of our customers. Whether it be a product with a more diverse range of capabilities, or a machine that dramatically increases throughput, Nordson SELECT can deliver. With a reputation for innovation, all our comprehensive process solutions ensure our customers of maximum return on investment and low cost of ownership. From the initial process development, to full-scale production, our family of industry experts supports our worldwide customer base with anything and everything they may need to ensure their success.

What We Do

The future of mixed-technology assembly belongs to those who can process any through-hole soldering application with absolute precision and unmatched speed. Nordson SELECT understands both the need for high levels of throughput and the ability to adapt the selective soldering process to customer’s ever changing requirements. As an example, our parallel or double processing modes enable fluxing and soldering of two printed circuit boards at the same time effectively doubling throughput. Or if its flexibility you seek, these same systems can solder with multiple sized nozzles within the same program or two different solder alloys without requiring physical changing of solder pots. Ultimately this means our customers no longer have to sacrifice throughput for flexibility…or flexibility for thoughtput, they can have both in the same machine. 

As a customer driven company, we design our products with the success of the customer in mind and use this as our underlying principal for product development. Nordson SELECT fully understands how costly an idle machine can be. And as such, we have designed our products to have a low cost of ownership in order to minimize the time and money that is wasted as a result of downtime. As an example, our machines boast a tool-free maintanence routine that can be performed rapidly by virtually anyone, because the productivity and performance of our customers is a priority. 

Nordson SELECT is pleased to offer a full spectrum of selective soldering solutions, from compact and economical standalone models to multi-station in-line models with uncompromising high performance. Yet, Nordson SELECT is much more than just an illustrious and proven track record of excellence. Today Nordson SELECT is the combination of two highly innovative companies, ACE Production Technologies and InterSelect GmbH, dedicated to enabling the success of our clients.


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