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Lighting and LED

Sealant or adhesive metering, mixing and dispense equipment solutions for lighting and LED manufacturing applications

Manufacturers improve their product quality and increase throughput with our automated assembly applications such as:

  • Potting / encapsulation
  • Thermal dispersion / Heat Management
  • Gasketing
  • Bonding
  • Sealing


Lighting the way for over 50 years, our dispensing experience improves manufacturing processes


LED and lighting assemblies are typically potted or encapsulated with two-component materials to prevent damage through environmental (rain, dust, humidity, etc.), temperature, or pressure / vibration factors that limit the effectiveness and life-cycle of the unit. Our range of large (Pro-Meter) or small (Micro-Meter) dispensing systems are equipped with servo motors that control and vary the flow rate of the dispensed material to ensure air bubbles or over-filling do not occur.

Heat Management

As LED technology drives the industry to ever smaller final packaged fixtures, heat dissipation management from components is critical. Nordson Sealant Equipment technology dispenses liquid thermal interface materials (TIMs) between heat generating components and a heat sink, to quickly draw high temperatures away from crucial components. This capability eliminates the need to position a component directly next to the heat sink, enabling design flexibility. Advancements in TIM technology now also allow the material to cure and bond the component itself, reducing the reliance on structural fasteners and reducing costs.

Assembly Bonding & Sealing

Nordson metering, mixing and dispensing systems are used to accurately apply beads and / or gaskets during the assembly and sealing of lighting fixture lids, bases or clam-shell halves.


Our dispensing solutions are suitable for a wide range of one-part or two-part adhesives and sealants such as epoxies, silicones and polyurethanes.


To discuss how our lighting and LED automation processes can improve your production process, reach out to our team of experts at Nordson Sealant Equipment.