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Golf Club Manufacturers' Guide to Dispensing Equipment

Tried-and-True Metering, Mixing and Dispensing Equipment for Golf Manufacturing Needs

Nordson Sealant Equipment has a wide range of simple and reliable solutions for golf manufacturing needs that help lower production costs. The two main areas of focus are golf club bonding and golf ball layer dispensing. Many materials can be utilized in these processes including urethane, epoxy and acrylic adhesives, in both one- and two-component varieties.  

Golf club bonding: All major golf club manufacturers utilize extremely strong and fast-curing adhesives to bond the club head to the club shaft. Recent advancements in adhesives has allowed this process to take place faster than ever before, and reduce work-in-process inventory. Due to the process normally utilizing sophisticated automation, the 801 Series Meter is commonly used. The 801 Series Meter offers industry-leading ratio and volume output repeatability due to advanced servo control and pressure monitoring. Additionally, the meter features the ability to produce multiple shots before reloading, optimizing production time for customers making hundreds of parts per hour.

Golf ball layer dispensing: Golf balls are manufactured in numerous patented processes. Whether the inner or out layer requires material to be dispensed into a mold, Nordson equipment can provide a solution for automated or semi-automated production. Ratio control for materials can be delivered in non-adjustable or variable formats. Non-adjustable format delivers high level of assurance of a pre-set cure rate and material hardness; variable format allows adjustable ratios to control the hardness of each golf ball.