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Nordson Sealant Equipment offers precision dispensing solutions that help military and defense equipment manufacturers improve quality and keep armored vehicles and ammunition lightweight.


Solutions for Defense Industry

Armored Vehicle Bonding: Armored vehicles use large, specially designed composite bricks for the vehicle body to provide a lighter, more protected vehicle.

Nordson Solution: Nordson dispenses glue to bond protective panels to the vehicle structure, providing a stronger bond than bolting or welding.

Dispense Applications for Defense

Ammunition Bonding: To save on the weight a combat soldier has to carry, composite materials can be used in brass casing.

Nordson Solution: Nordson dispenses 2K material to bond composite cases to the rear metal part of the case, lightening the load during combat.

Case SealingCase Sealing: By adhering ammunition powder to the rear of a bullet, soldiers can see their round as it streaks through the air.

Nordson Solution: Nordson's Angstrom Meter can dispense small 1K shots of glow-in-the-dark glue to the rear of a bullet, providing visual tracking of the ammunition.



Our technology solutions are also used in:

  • B-2 bomber components
  • Fighter wing tanks and chafe dispensers
  • Actuator motors
  • Missile manufacturing
  • Munitions
  • Sonar submarine components
  • Altitude sensors
  • Naval ship rivet sealing

To discuss how we can improve your production process, reach out to our team of experts at Nordson Sealant Equipment.