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Automotive Sealant Manufacturing Equipment

Discover solutions for automotive adhesive application from Nordson

Nordson is a recognized leader in engineered systems for the application of structural automotive adhesives and sealants in harsh automotive manufacturing environments. We offer a complete product line of automotive sealant dispensing and gasketing equipment that includes metering units, controls, dispense valves and bulk unloaders. Plus, all our automotive manufacturing equipment can be configured to meet your specific needs. 

Versatile automotive gasket and sealant applications

At Nordson, we are proud of our ability to customize highly-flexible automotive sealant dispensing solutions. We are the only major supplier to offer both pressure-based and positive displacement systems that can precisely apply automotive seam sealer and other adhesive materials in various configurations including extrusion, stream, swirl, spray, ribbon, stitch and surge. Our systems are designed to keep your processes productive and profitable, while producing the highest quality automotive parts. 

Precision automotive sealant and adhesive dispensing

We can help you overcome manufacturing issues and achieve your production goals, with our precision dispensing systems for applications such as:

Automotive seam sealer
Liquid applied sound deadener (LASD) 
Hem flange adhesive bonding
Over hem cosmetic sealer
Body panel reinforcement
Anti-flutter mastic
Glass bonding

To discuss how our automotive manufacturing equipment can improve your production process, reach out to our team of experts at Nordson Sealant Equipment. 

Check back often for case studies, video content and more related to structural adhesive dispensing in the automotive industry.