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Appliance Manufacturing

Metering, Mixing & Dispense Equipment Solutions for Appliance Manufacturing Processes

Appliance manufacturers use adhesives and sealants to XXXXXX improve quality and increase throughput. Nordson Sealant Equipment offer a range of products to accurately meter, mix, and dispense a variety of epoxies, urethanes, and silicones for appliance assembly applications such as:

  • Bonding glass to metal panels
  • Bonding PC boards to metal panels
  • Potting electronic interface boards
  • Component assembly for freezers, refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, washers, dryers, irons, thermocouples, sensors, gas regulators, hot water tanks and more.

To discuss how we can improve your production process, reach out to our team of experts at Nordson Sealant Equipment.

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