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Agricultural Equipment

Metering, Mixing & Dispense Equipment Solutions for Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

Nordson Sealant Equipment offers a range of equipment used to precisely dispense urethanes, epoxies, silicones, adhesives and sealants in the manufacturing facilities of the agricultural and construction equipment industry.

Regardless of your application need, our solutions help manufacturers increase productivity, ensure consistent material dispensing from part to part, and improve overall quality.The agricultural equipment industry uses many adhesives and sealants in bonding and sealing applications such as:

  • Tractor cab sealing
  • Windshield glass bonding 
  • Bonding tractor body parts
  • Bonding glass to metal
  • Potting electronic components
  • Assembling implements
  • Making analytical measuring instruments
  • Assembling farm animal process
  • Electrical products

To discuss how we can improve your production process, reach out to our team of experts at Nordson Sealant Equipment.

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