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Aerospace Adhesive & Sealant Materials Manufacturing

Improve quality and production when manufacturing compressible or difficult-to-mix sealant materials.

A simplified manufacturing process for dynamic mixing of syntatic adhesives or sealants, in a compact bench-top system.

  • Ease of maintenance - freezable fluid section supports shift changeover
  • Less production waste - no material loss in fluid section of mixing system
  • Reliable quality - powered inlet and outlet valves reduce air entrapment for an improved mix quality 

Example Applications

  • Bulk container filling
  • Bulk container unloading
  • Pre-mixed frozen (PMF) cartridge material metering and mixing
  • Cartridge filling
  • Syringe filling
  • Pre-formed cap filling

Typical Materials Dispensed

  • Polysulfides
  • Two-component epoxies
  • Two-component, low-density void fillers

Related Products

Related Solutions

  • Pre-Mixed Cartridge Dispensing - Reduce aircraft weight and increase production speed with the automated application of sealant from pre-mixed cartridges
  • Mix-On-Demand Dispensing - Reduce material handling complexities and prevent material damage by dynamically mixing wide-ratio, syntactic, two-component materials at point of application
  • Composite Part Edge Sealing - Automated application of two-component epoxies used to seal unfinished edges of fiber-reinforced aerospace composite structures
  • Aerospace Composites and Interior Components - Increase efficiency, speed, reliability, and quality of interior aircraft components

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