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Aerospace Manufacturing & Assembly Solutions

With our automated sealant dispensing solutions, the sky is the limit for aircraft production.

If aircraft technology has improved so much over the years, why hasn’t the way they are built?

When it comes to mixing and dispensing sealants or adhesives in the aerospace industry, it’s a job that’s all too often carried out by hand; which constrains production capacity, delivers inconsistent results, and causes poor quality. But we believe that every Q should have an A. That’s why we help solve your Q with our advanced automated dispensing solutions. It’s the answer you've been waiting for:


Faster production in aerospace sealant and adhesive applicationsFaster production
Streamline production processes with sealant mixing and dispensing systems that apply precisely the right amount, in precisely the right place.



Automation innovation in aerospace sealant and adhesive applicationsAutomation innovation
To find the right solution for your unique requirement, we work with material suppliers and automation integrators to design the perfect dispensing system for your production task.



Improve QualityImproved quality, 100% consistency
With less chance of human error, quality levels are improved and product consistency becomes more reliable and predictable than ever. So wastage is reduced, rejects are minimized and efficiency maximized. Need to optimize production with no compromise on quality? Not a problem.


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From wings and spars to external doors and overhead compartments, our technology plays a crucial part, whatever you’re manufacturing.

Pre-Mixed Cartridge Dispensing - Reduce aircraft weight and increase production speed with the automated application of sealant from pre-mixed cartridges

Aerospace Adhesive and Sealant Materials Manufacturing - Improve quality and simplify production when manufacturing compressible or difficult-to-mix sealant materials

Mix-On-Demand Dispensing- Reduce material handling complexities and prevent material damage by dynamically mixing wide-ratio, syntactic, two-component materials at point of application

Composite Part Edge Sealing - Automated application of two-component epoxies used to seal unfinished edges of fiber-reinforced aerospace composite structures 

Aerospace Composites and Interior Components - Increase efficiency, speed, reliability, and quality of interior aircraft components


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Reach out to our team of experts to learn more about our unique solutions that improve the manufacture and application of sealant materials in aerospace structures.