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Sealant Applications by Industry

Find the industrial sealant or adhesive solution that meets your needs at Nordson

A global leader in sealant dispensing parts and equipment, Nordson provides standard and custom industrial sealant and adhesive solutions for a variety of industries, including agricultural equipment manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, battery assembly, electronics, and automotive manufacturing. Whatever your process or final product, our industrial sealant solutions, from supply pumps to metering and mixing equipment to precision valves are designed to provide outstanding results consistently. Trust Nordson sealant and adhesive application equipment to perform in even the harshest manufacturing environment and improve the function and performance of your process. Contact us to learn more about the ways Nordson industrial sealant products can support the manufacturing needs of your industry.

Aerospace Manufacturing Solutions

Composite Void Filling Dispensing

With our automated sealant dispensing solutions, the sky is the limit for aircraft production.

Agricultural Equipment


Metering, Mixing & Dispense Equipment Solutions for Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

Appliance Manufacturing

Appliance Dispensing

Metering, Mixing & Dispense Equipment Solutions for Appliance Manufacturing Processes

Automotive Assembly Solutions

automotive-lens-reflector-coatings Recognized leader in engineered systems for the application of structural adhesives and sealants in harsh automotive manufacturing environments.

Improving battery production at every stage

Battery Cell Assembly - Nordson Industry leading, field proven range of automated dispensing solutions for 1-part and 2-part materials used in storage or vehicle battery cell manufacturing.

Battery Cell Bonding Applications

Electric Battery The bonding of individual battery cells in to a larger battery module

Battery Cell Power Distribution Applications

Electric Battery The application of thermal interface materials or bonding between the current circuit and the battery cell module.

Battery Pack Assembly Applications

Electric Battery Dispensing 1-part or 2-part materials for the sealing or bonding of cell modules to the overall battery pack assembly

Construction & Architecture

Rhino 55 Gallon Drum Bulk Unloader Metering, Mixing & Dispense Equipment Solutions for Construction Processes


Solutions for Defense Industry Metering, Mixing & Dispense Equipment Solutions for the Defense Industry

Electronics & Electrical

Electronic Potting Metering, Mixing and Dispensing Equipment Solutions for Electronic Component Manufacturing Processes


Metering, Mixing & Dispensing Equipment Solutions for Filter Manufacturing